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          Archive for January, 2013

          Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

          Frustrating but Awesome.
          to bike across town, and doubling back, forgetting something.
          to make muffin batter with wrong ingredients, then fixing with yogurt.
          drinking the display beer at Sizzle Pie.
          discovering gaydar on the phone you are borrowing.
          finding a Mazzer Major in working condition, when you thought it was a Super
          having a long wait at West End turn into a short one.
          Getting hooked up at Maglia Rosa.
          Working bar while also sharpening knives.
          learning plumbing work from Bob Vila utube videos.
          not sleeping.

          Thank you friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          we are always very pleased to serve you. xox-courier

          Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

          The Phil Wood freehub (rear tire hub) is back for our cargo bike. In 3.5 years we stripped the teeth from the ratchet so that it no longer engaged. Sending it back to Phil Wood, they replaced engagement ring, pawls and things. Thankfully this could be done while leaving the spokes and rim attached. We now have 20 points of engagement again, or pawls engage ratchet every ten degrees. The hub is very quiet, which freaks us out because we like to hear those pawls engaging strongly. This is probably more due to the grease than the hub, we assume they used Tenacious oil, but will give it a try.

          At Roastery we have organized out parts (while turning the place upside down to look for a switch. For the few in Portland who could actually benefit from knowing how many Wand Ball Teflon O-rings we have on hand, or if we have any 2004 style Wand Spools for a Synesso we are thinking about posting our parts inventory online. There are a few who work on their own machines, and this could be rad for them. Aside from parts we have removed a few shelves in our above ground space to below, freeing up floor area. The roastery feels much better now, but we still have some boxes to deal with.

          Sunday, January 20th, 2013

          Monday, January 14th, 2013

          coffees- fleetingly on bar.
          Dukunde Kawa Cooperative, Genke district Musasa, Rwanda- January arrival.
          Dukorere Ikawa Cooperative, Burundi (last batch)- December arrival, Bourbon and Bourbon Jackson varietals.
          Kenya aa Marumi, September arrival.
          Mercedes Farm, East side of Las Ranas Mtn. El Salvador, August crop arrival, Pacamara varietal.
          Chilco Sidamo (near the town of Dilla), Ethiopia- Late Fall arrival Gr 3 natural process

          Cold today. We delivered coffee by bicycle to houses in southeast, then the eastside industrial, then downtown and northwest. Alex started roasting at 3am. James did the residential deliveries. Joel ran early coffee to our bar.

          Friday, January 4th, 2013

          Our main delivery bike hub is on its way back to Phil Wood.

          White Industries has been emailing us, apparently they are prototyping a stronger rear hub currently (maybe smaller degree of engagement). geez their freewheels are a dream.

          Karen Brooks just wrote about us on her cheat sheet to 2013, but not for the coffee…