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          Archive for December, 2012

          Monday, December 31st, 2012

          The secret excitement is the opening of Kenilworth Coffee (that and secret menu item that recently appeared on our menu- housemade ginger ale, from fresh local ginger). Kenilworth soft opens pretty much now at 37th and Gladstone. We are thrilled, and this will certainly be a draw for the Woodstock and further south neighborhoods. Officially not open, but definitely a place to get coffee (new years day!). Hours 7am-3pm daily

          Our bar open New Years Day, starting at noon (or earlier). The staff has the day off, but we wanted to provide a spot for the working people to get coffee on this Holiday. We will be open for a good while, and then we will close.

          We go into the next year with a single speed cargo bike. Our Phil Wood freehub is dead (teeth and pawls). Research points to White Industries as being better to trust our lives on, since each pawl is individually sprung. Both Phil and King use one spring for all engagement. We just find three better than one. Sure we never serviced our hub, but we disagree on the point. The teeth in the ratchet are worn where pawls touch. 3.5 years is a long time for a hub, but we want things longer. We send the Phil back to be refurbished, and later we will order a White. For the moment we rock a SS Phil Kiss Off rear hub on a 16 tooth White Freewheel (fun), with no brake. Front hub has Shimano Saint Hydraulics (c/o West End Bikes), which will keep us from death.

          ok- so we expect you all for coffee in the morning. be safe.

          Sunday, December 16th, 2012

          Now open seven days a week.
          Christmas Eve regular hours.
          Christmas day closed.
          New Years Eve later than normal hours.
          New Years Day open noon till when close.
          New Years Day it will be just Joel working, of course its a holiday. Expect slower service, but expect coffee.

          Alex is on tour this week with the Woolen Men of Eggy Records (discography currently on the walls of Courier). We are going to pull off some really lovely roasts this week, and explore some different ways that we have been thinking about our current coffee offering. Our deliveries this week will be done by single speed bicycles only, including our cargo bike. Our Phil Wood parts order got lost in the mail, and so we are without a working wheel.

          El salvador Judas is over. Our bar has the last pound. San Luis Farm we are down to 50 pounds of (green). Pictured above are some cool items. We have a two group espresso machine for sale 220v , pretty much a deal. We have an Anfim with reduced motor speed and cooling fan. There is our manually controlled San Franciscan (we love its simplicity in so many ways).

          Monday, December 10th, 2012

          First Thursday at Courier was totally awesome. Tragically, our whale bottle opener was taken, and we want it back (above). The whale is very much loved and used at our bar. Whoever reported it stolen on line, please return.

          We are now open Sundays 9-4.

          New coffee on bar from the Dukorere Ikawa Cooperative located in Bujumbura, Burundi. On the map Burundi is next to Tanzania, maybe more people familiar with. Seed type is Bourbon and Jackson Bourbon varietals. This coffee arrived November at the port of Oakland, and we purchased a very limited amount of three bags (135 pounds each). There is a super lovely quality to the acidity. It cups very clean with a light chocolate mouthfeel, strong undertones of tangerine, and faint hints of perhaps clove (says Ceri, although the verdict is still out).

          Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

          All the news.

          Thursday we invite you to receive EGGY RECORDS. We will close bar at close, then reopen randomly for coffee service well before 9pm PROMPT for the WOOLEN MEN who will be playing a show. The pleasure of your attendance is requested. In a way the spirit of Eggy Records draws from Half and Half times when their tapes were sold on the peg board, next to the pies and sandwiches of old. Back in 1999 when coffee shops sold underwear.

          The Phil Wood hub on our Cargo Bike has failed after 3 years (pawls are not engaging teeth). We are told the parts are corroded, but the teeth are good. If you have ever had your hub not engage you know this could be scary. We dont know what to think since our White Industries Freewheel after ten years has never failed once, with the same pawls and teeth.

          We found two bike gifts if high quality this year. Bike bells, specifically the Bell sold at Canoe, or the Crane sold at Bike Gallery and Western- so so kick ass. We were haters until recently, and bells are fun. come to Courier and we will model them for you. Second- Serfas usb bike lights- Joel and Tyler on bar have these with them if you want to check them out. They are SUPER bright and rad, with the downside fo short battery life. However we are won at the moment. There is always coffee, but safety first right?

          This Sunday we will start to be open. Hours 9-4 (hours subject to change). The weekend in winter is slower time for us and while we would like to be open all day we are just not sure how to do this. Talk to us, let us know, we value your support.


          Monday, December 3rd, 2012

          Mason jar cozies, by Michael Parich. material- Pendleton wool. Available at Courier.

          Sunday bar hours this week. Later than normal First Thursday reception played by the Woolen Men.