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          Archive for July, 2012

          Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

          Dance Party August 2nd at 923 SW Oak. Taylor Valdes brings the party to Courier with her reworked prints. There will be a master of ceremony, as well as a disc jockey playing strictly vinyl. We are getting serious by moving tables and chairs out of the space. Come preview the look and feel of Courier for August, and lets celebrate the summer. Early art show time like 6pm. xxxo

          Also we are making big ice cubes again, thank you Apex refrigeration. What a saga, and not entirely over. One more freezer to fix. The last few weeks we run to Sizzle Pie for their soda machine ice (just like we did with Rocco’s Pizza a year ago). So good to have a freezer again and so so nerveracking. Lets let loose Thursday night and celebrate.

          Monday, July 23rd, 2012

          Portland Monthly writes about our Canelé in their newest issue, just now hitting shelves at places like New Seasons. This?Bordeaux pastry is made of the stuff all bakery is made with, eggs, milk, butter, vanilla, flour and rum. Crisp outside and custardy inside. We bake eighteen each morning. We love that we are placed up there with Kens Bakery, the article is pretty rad and we hope you have time to read about it.

          Last night we roasted samples at dusk, waking at 1:30am to work the production roasts on Hawthorne. The sky was clear and full of stars when we started, really a beautiful night. Towards dawn clouds snaked into the sky and at daybreak there were mountains of cloud in the NNE.?Continuing the west hills. Riding over the Burnside was gorgeous.

          Espresso on bar is now Ethiopia Oromia Guji (natural process, or dry hulled cherry from seed). The samples we are looking at today are all coffees from El Salvador.

          Saturday, July 21st, 2012

          Sunday morning the Portland Water Bureau lifted the drinking water warning.

          Sunday, July 15th, 2012

          There is something just a little more glorious about Courier. We have just retained a new team member at the bar Niko (insert name and age here). Our bar is arguably a lot of work. We bake scratch on bar, make ice cubes, offer any one we think is thirsty a mason jar of water (even if they are getting coffee to go), melt chocolate for drinks, make vanilla syrup, handwrite menus and business cards, and painstakingly make every cup of drip individually (while pre-rinsing to go cups, and getting cream and sugar for everyone (instead of leaving it out). And we handwash all dishware, while actively keeping track of our record player. Working bar is a dance. Enter Niko, our newest member, who came along with good words from former Little Red Bike Cafe worker.

          With a flat of strawberries we ride Farmers Market to bar. With fifty burlap coffee bags we stack high on our porteur racks and deliver to friends for their projects. Hundreds of pounds we are moving in a day by bicycle. Pouring rain keeps us wet and tired, yet still everything is pretty awesome.

          Thanks team Courier. In the next week Alex of the roastery goes on tour with his band the Woolen Men. Tyler is in Ashland with Family. James makes up for lost time. Kourtney, David, Niko and Joel work it hard on the bar. All the while our freezer hangs onto the verge of death. Our record collection populates like bunnies. The Cargo bike sleeps with its broken aluminum strut. And we, are totally loving the summer, roasting coffee and working it. If anyone has any questions we invite you to come and chill at our bar. xox. courier

          Monday, July 9th, 2012

          We are out in the sun always after closing. New things on our block- Sizzle Pie has placed out door tables and chairs. This week we fix the freezer.

          Last week we partly drove/ biked a new load of oats and semolina from Bobs Redmill. It feels good to have a hundred pounds of grain on the front of ones bike, or a flat of strawberries from Groundworks Organic (Farmers Market). Moving more than just wholebeans across the city by bicycle.

          We have a new/old ledger going at the bar lately- Our friend Jen from BeWell (she crafts beautiful wooden raised beds to order and helps people learn edible gardening) gifted us a wonderful account book from an office supply store in India. We have a weird tab system that accompanies our clipboard now. One entire office of sixty people have a running tab at Courier. Pretty cool. No need to carry money when you set up a tab.

          Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

          This morning Alex roasted coffee. The rest of Courier slept in. Some of us made cocktails from drinks at the Sizzler (our nickname for our neighbors on Oak) and instead of BBQing we made granola, oat bars, chocolate chip cookie dough.

          The loss of our freezer is truly sad, True (made in America) really has not held well. This is our second compressor and we are pretty sure it is time for a third. Tomorrow the bar will be operating emergency style using whole foods as our icebox. Ryan from Apex Refrigeration arrives at ten, one of the folks who is working on our warranty. Now running a bar and not just a roastery we are learning how to overlap our skills into other fields (like refrigeration).

          Lately the bar has been busy, thank you. We have not discussed it yet but for First Thursday the 5th of July i think we will run normal hours. We love Keegan so much we are going to see if we may keep his work up for next month. Behind the scenes we are going to work on our freezer. xox-courier