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          Archive for April, 2012

          Sunday, April 29th, 2012

          we went out Friday to support the Velodrome, and our racing team Sizzle Pie/ Veloforma.
          Pictured up top David and Joel, riding to whatever comes after work on the Eastside Saturday.

          In a month we increase some of the drink prices at our bar (923 sw Oak). Today is Sunday, and we prep for another week of roasting coffee and bicycle distribution.

          Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

          New copper forms Brittany and Michael brought us from a store in Paris (above). They are noticeably better, much heavier, and slightly larger. The copper browns/crisps the outside more evenly, and also the Canelé slip right out of the forms without effort. We only picked up nine, and have fallen in love with copper as a material for baking forms. (We bake daily at our bar).

          Espresso on bar has switched to El Salvador San Luis Farm Bourbon Varietal from the Menendez family, which cleared the Port of Portland two weeks ago. This coffee is organically grown, and washed removal of cherry from seed. Also we have ice cream in the fridge, so affogattos are totally available.

          It has been busier than ever before at Courier. Kourtney, James, David, Tyler and Alex have all been doing a rad work. There is a lot of hustle here, perhaps a little more in how we do things. Thanks for being with us.

          Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

          Wednesday is Earthday (this week). Bike to the City of Portland building, 1400 sw 4th ave, where Courier Coffee serves Cold Brew Papua New Guinea Kimel estate Coffee. Noon sharp. Poured into short mason jars with our signature large ice cubes, until we run out of glassware.

          Sunday we represent Synesso Espresso Machines at the big coffee convention. Sunday noon sharp we make drinks in what we only imagine to be 1990 biodome conditions. We proudly rep Synesso, and as a business that services them across Portland and uses one at our bar, well, we think they are rad.

          New Coffees on bar and delivered-
          San Carlos farm, Chiapas, Mexico- April arrival Oakland, washed, organic grown
          Alhueco peoples, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia- April arrival Oakland washed, organic grown
          Menendez Family, San Luis Farm, El Salvador- April arrival Portland, washed, Bourbon varietal, organic grown
          Menendez Family, El Salvador Pacamara varietal (thought it was Las Delicias farm but unsure)- April arrival Portland, organic grown.

          this in addition to our Flores island coffee from Ngura (marchcrop arrival), Papua New Guinea Kimel estate (March crop arrival), and Colombia Huila Valencia (March crop arrival), and Decaf Ethiopia Sidamo Morodocafe (org and water decaf- Jan arrival).

          Ok- So currently, good friends are in Paris at e.dehillerin. We have been getting pricing on Canelé forms made of copper, which at Sur La Table retail for 20 a piece. It has been exciting for us as we daily check their Tumblr accounts and get email updates on their experiences at different pastry shops. Michael and Brittany return Sunday and (if all goes well) with a bag full of new Canelé forms for us (which are what we make the funny tiny shaped pastries in). Keep your eyes on the backbar for the new copper.

          Sunday, April 15th, 2012

          Thursday two new coffees, both lovely, and on bar tomorrow (info to follow). Saturday Rilo visited the bar (picture above–adorable).

          Saturday, April 7th, 2012

          Luc Lac serving Courier Coffee made Vietnamese dripper style. Vietnamese coffee is typically french roast, so that is how we did it. We are using the same seeds that are roasted for our bar, however passing the point of caramelization to where the acids and proteins actually break down. So black that when you open the roasted seed and squeeze the liquid oil actually may be forced out. Coffee takes 8- 10 minutes to make this way and will be served with sweetened condensed milk. Luc Lac is pretty cool. They are open for lunch and dinner, and offer a full bar. The Courier Coffee there will be much different than elsewhere, very french of us. Maybe jump there in the evening between spots for some coffee, or food, or a cocktail. The Coffee on bar is currently Colombia Huila Valencia, a pooled lot from thousands of farms, washed removal of cherry arriving in the port of Oakland January.

          In a week there will be new coffee on bar, and being biked out to our clients, and retail spots around the city. News on the specifics will occur as the coffee rolls in. Hopefully everyone witnessed the amazing rainbow a few days ago (dont worry, more rainbows this spring we promise). Sunrise is one of the best times to be out and about Portland.

          Sunday, April 1st, 2012

          As the first quarter of the year closes we entertain extending our delivery route over the west hills. Last week we rode up to the velodrome, and by this we mean got horribly lost, and are now considering biking this weekly, while perhaps making negative money in the process. Courier is more about having awesome clients and keeping the coffee at its best than convenience. Delivering what we provide by bicycle is constant struggle, but if somehow we can keep our route and timing simple, and ourselves well fed, rested, and refreshed then it becomes mostly fun. This business was never easy, and it is kind of laughable that we can make it work, but at the same time pretty great. With our volume a car would save us time and instead of three people at the roastery we would only need one. But driving all day would make us very sad, and more people means more fun, so Courier totally works. The joy is in pulling things off with minimal force and with the most eloquence, perhaps why the bicycle is so great.
          Courier’s bar is doing considerably better over last year. The bar has just gotten super fun to work at. This year we have perhaps overloaded ourselves with tasks to pull off by summer, and it will be the new drinks, and figuring out how to make our customers more welcome that we look forward to. With Ryan moving on to Simple we are left with four staff, which we are content with for the moment. The roastery still is at two or three.

          New burrs for the Robur (pictured above), our espresso grinder, await install when our current ones wear too much. Below Cold Brew coffee with our large ice cubes, very much being made daily on bar.