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          Archive for March, 2012

          Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

          Dove Vivi pizza, 28th and Glisen. The lighting at the market was better for our digital camera, so here we all are (plus two), after dinner.

          The espresso is now a single lot from Papua New Guinea Kimel. It is a peaberry seed type (or round seed). January crop arrival Oakland. This is now on bar. It is a little chewy in the mouthfeel, lacking crisp definition in the mid notes, yet wide in the cherry notes. There is a little bit of that ferment development too. We like it because of the development of the sugars.

          In all the rain and snow our roastery store room has not flooded once! Thanks to the gutters being retacked to the house we no longer need to staple gun tarps around the perimeter. This makes us quiet happy.

          Thursday, March 15th, 2012

          Ryan of Courier makes a move today. Working next at Simple (formerly Bank Simple), a pretty awesome bank interface company. www.simple.com They are a few blocks away, so expect to see him in the neighborhood.

          Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

          Pulling steam lever forward pushes the steam piston, opening the valve. Here we have the left steamwand ball valve (in red) shut off. The copper tubing is the same we bent the other night.

          Friday, March 2nd, 2012

          Last night we cut a length of 5/16″ copper tube, flared it, bent it, and connected the left steam wand valve to the shut off. Previously this was a missing link inside our espresso machine. We had forgotten that flexible copper goes ridged the more one bends it. We love flare fittings, although a man at the refrigeration supply house insist we use Leak lock on the orifice-flare connection our plumbing work is a little more honest than this. There are few times when mating copper and brass we use a gap filler like teflon, and these are exactly the times when we are working with a low quality cast work. Brass to brass, or brass to copper should work on their own. At no point is it cool to use teflon tape inside or around an espresso machine. People at the bar were very much into the flaring tool. After a long period of disuse the left steam valve gaskets themselves were not sealing tight so for tonight the emergency shutoff remains closed.


          Thursday, March 1st, 2012

          artwork by Carla Deal (March at Courier), Heatwave Press (operating quietly in a N. Portland residence). Also know as DJ Carlita, formerly playing at the Alto Lounge and previous events at Courier. Current medium charcoal. More going up throughout today. Reception as always on the first thursday of the month.

          Taco Pedelers served delicious tacos on the sidewalk for the reception. Erica (of the Taco Pedelers) used to work at the Half and Half Cafe, when they were serving Courier. Their tacos are really good.