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          Archive for November, 2011

          Holiday Hours- closed Thanksgiving. open Friday

          Sunday, November 20th, 2011

          The bar will be closed Thursday. Monday-Wednesday are prime for picking up wholebean coffee at the bar. Actually Monday there should be four coffees 24 hours out of roast, perfect for a long weekend with the family.

          Thursday, November 17th, 2011

          very difficult to bike through wind on a single speed bike. sometimes it feels like a knife through butter, others oatmeal. sometimes we are tired and hungry, others well rested and full of energy. All coffee moves wrapped safe (?) in vinyl or hypalon lined messenger bags, or in food service tubs. We think it is worth the struggle.

          Over the weekend we stitched some new repairs onto our bags. Some messengers have been drying out at our bar, and washing their hands in our washroom after on the fly repairs (and they are more than welcome). It has been both quieter at our bar this week, and at the same time a little more work to get the coffee places, but we love it.

          As the holidays draw nearer we want you to know we will totally deliver wholebean coffee to you by bike, we would be thrilled, as long as you reside in bikeable Portland. sixteen a pound for almost all our offerings, no more, unless you would like it packaged in a mason jar.

          this week we have been working on hotter “to go” milk based drinks, latte, hot chocolate, mocha. I think we are winning. We have been studying more about different ways we are losing heat, and there has been some surprises. give us feedback at the bar please! it is great to see everyone both on the biking front, and the bar.

          We were asked today when Courier closes (when was the latest they could call)- we never close. A customer at Courier’s bar spotted the oven and asked if the cookies were warm, they were hot (lucky), and yes we do run a bakery. These were just a few episodes from today. The bar was a nice hideaway for more than a few people. Alex biked down freshly roasted coffee

          Saturday, November 12th, 2011

          Wholebean coffee available for sale today (Saturday) at our bar, was roasted Thursday/Friday. A list of neighborhood markets and businesses that sell our coffee wholebean has been updated (located to your right in the links). We recommend purchasing coffee soon after it is roasted. Coffee is best within the first week (this is when it will open up and peak). Really at our homes we find coffee still enjoyable up to two weeks out of roast, but with some coffee that is really pushing it. We are very upfront at the bar selling wholebean coffee about roast dates, and almost all sales are within 48hrs of roast. We also think plastic production is killing the earth, which is why one will not find it in our bag liners.

          So please check out your neighborhood market as well as our bar for wholebean coffee. Half pounds at Courier are $8. The roastery sells coffee by appointment/ coordination.

          Oh and one last thing, we are doing cold brew coffee at our bar still! Since it is now really cold outside we have been making those “to go” hot drinks slightly hotter as well.

          coffee’s most likely on bar (all organically grown)
          Peru Cajamarca San Ignacio
          Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Biloya Coop. washed removal of cherry
          Ethiopia Sidamo Teramisa Coop. dry hulled cherry
          El Salvador Rosario farm
          El Salvador Las Delicias pacamara varietal
          Decaf Honduras agriculural producers coop. water decaf method/no bad chemicals

          Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

          Liberty Glass starts brunch this weekend, one of the accounts we roast coffee for. Located down hill from the intersection of Fremont & Mississippi, in the house. They will be brewing one liter at a time, between making bloody mary’s, beer, and dishing out breakfast.

          The espresso batch we tapped into this week (at our bar) is an improvement over last. Tuesday and Today were pretty killer for making Little Buddy’s, and straight espresso with the El Salvador Rosario farm coffee of 11/7/5am. Last week espresso was a ?touch dark for our taste, and actually we still want to go yet lighter with our espresso roast. Much improving to go! Always feel free to tell us your thoughts on drinks please, we are here to help.

          Bakery items have been switching up quite a bit on bar. We are reworking the molasses cookie recipe to include more butter than before, and then attempting to rework a second recipe of the same that is entirely vegan (at the suggestion of Dovetail Baking). Each milk drink made “for here” is now getting plated with a tiny molasses cookie (of the butter recipe), last weeks cookies were gingerbread. ?The Muffins especially we are working to cram as much healthy stuff in as possible (more whole wheat, amaranth, house milled golden flax). Keep in mind almost all of our grain and seed is Bobs Redmill, and all our molasses is organic. Above we are running tests on non-gmo dairy alternatives. Everything except bars and granola we are baking off each morning!

          Sunday, November 6th, 2011

          The Coyote sculptures will be up all month. Seven creatures are poised leaping around the room (at our bar).

          We have had talk of creating a coffee menu for the bar, now all there is left is the actual doing. Currently the mirror has been upgraded. The lines have been drawn for where our new product shelf will go, and with a new shelf we will be motivated to create things like t-shirts for sale. looking at the long list of bike parts we have purchased this year for the Roastery one can only assume we are ready for delivering to our wholesale accounts all winter long. Which by the way Liberty Glass deserves a notable mention as they are gearing up to start weekend brunch service. Unlike the evenings french press coffee at their bar, mornings will have drip coffee (so a little cleaner). From what we tasted at a brunch trial it should be great!

          As daylight savings time has started we are keeping to our hours of opening at seven and closing at 5 m-f. so no changes on that front, and we are still keeping our 10-4 hours saturdays at the bar. all the best