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          Archive for October, 2011

          Saturday, October 29th, 2011

          Thursday at dusk your presence is requested to receive the childhood/fairytale of Stephanie Brachmann at 923 SW Oak.

          Coyotes feverishly brought to life from sticks/fabric/paper/ and natural materials, roughly, if not actually, the size of real Coyotes. Each night this month, when they come to life, we will let them loose on Oak street to feed on small… ?Months ago many may remember the fantastical swan that rose above our bar- that was Stephanie. We are very pleased to have her back and wish to see you this Thursday.

          Small adjustments. A mirror?scavenged?off the streets of Portland for our bathroom. A beautiful new glass pastry dome on the backbar. ?A really beautiful fiber glass 375 pound weight capacity ladder to move the flour and sugar (seriously totally rad). New Rayovac rechargeable batteries (all of Couriers batteries are rechargeable) ?and now two extra-backup- sets of bike lights for our staff (since we bike to work). And all of this is going to help us make better coffee. oh and it looks like we may be sponsoring a bike racing team- Black Lodge Cycling. November is going to be an exciting month.

          Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

          Espresso on bar El Salvador Rosario Farm 15 screen or smaller seed size. The kids who live above our storeroom made us a sign and have decorated (above). At our workshop the hydraulic brake on our cargo bike (made by cat) has gotten fresh mineral oil. Our individual bikes for delivery have been getting attention as well. Alex plans to add a cetma rack to his new frame, and Joel’s bike got upgraded to a King Bottom Bracket (just the steel one, maybe next time a ceramic). Since its fall we have some very potent cranberry juice on bar from Bandon Oregon. We are going to work on comforting beverage making this fall!

          Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

          Peru Cautivo cooperative & Ethiopia Tiramisa (natural process) cooperative coffee arrived by truck from Oakland Monday. We now have both natural process and washed process coffee from Ethiopia, fun. We want to offer all seven coffees at our bar available by the cup (however it may be difficult to walk everyone through the offerings). A few coffees arrive each day from the roastery. We like to sell wholebean coffee as fresh as possible, something we want you to keep in mind the next time you are at the grocery store. We live in Portland, with over 3o roasters, coffee is roasted every day. Reality check is to go to Wholefoods and New Seasons and check dates, the bins have no date remember.

          Portland is still being occupied, as are most major US cities and abroad. BT’s awesome lettering still adorns our wall (photos above). Thats Jeremy of Cellar Door Roasters above, and we totally saw and did the cranberries already at the PSU Farmers market. Our bars bakery is so excited for the fall.

          Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

          Coffees on bar

          Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Biloya Cooperative- organically grown, grade 2/ washed July arrival Oakland 16/lb

          El Salvador San Luis farm- org grown, Rain Forest Alliance, March arrival Portland 16/lb

          El Salvador Rosario farm- org grown, July arrival Portland 16/lb

          El Salvador Las Delicious farm- org grown, RFA, 18screen Pacamara varietal July arrival Portland 22/lb

          Decaf Honduras- org grown, water decaf process 16/lb

          Available at our bar daily (we weigh out whatever you want). Weekly delivery of assorted coffee for retail to Food Fight, Eastmoreland Market, Market of Choice Burlingame (each Thursday evening), Dovetail Baking, Jade Tea House. We appreciate those getting wholebean coffee from our bar. Coffee is best had within seven days, maybe two weeks, of roast- so check those dates. We do have new coffees coming in early next week. And our tiny bakery has plans for banana bread, and ginger molasses cookies (also still doing cucumber brie sandwiches this week).

          Friday, October 7th, 2011

          Occupy Portland. We got the call at 635pm they needed burlap coffee bags to cover the muddy ground. Burlap is great for landscaping. Our response time was 35 minutes, and we had a ton of burlap. Many people tonight downtown. They wont be able to leave tomorrow with the Portland Marathon happening. Yes, people are still camped out.

          I think the message is clear- listen to the people (government) and act (people are dissatisfied).

          Anonymous is tracking all the Occupations. Please check them out (google anonymous) and gain some perspective on what is happening, maybe we can chat about it at our bar tomorrow (saturday 10-4).

          Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

          BT Livermore does comics. Thursday evening we usher his work into our space with a reception. 6pm. you are invited.