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          Archive for August, 2011

          6pm-9pm Thursday Courier presents Sprout Cycles + North St. bags. Drinks and Bikes

          Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

          Chantrelle mushrooms were simmering in butter, perfect with the Brazil do Serrado farm coffee, as we were working on opening bar this morning (430am). It was pretty much another lovely morning.

          We are so so excited about our friend Edwin Brown/ Sprout Cycles showcasing his frames here. Our dear friend Chris Merkel, who leads Courier’s Cyclocross Team- Team Unicorn Pony/Courier Coffee leaves for Spain to pursue his career as a professional Flaminco dancer, with company Monique. Chris’s frame will be one of the ones showcased this month! Edwin was one of the many friends who helped build out our coffee bar a year ago, and so this week will really be a special event for us. Also North St. bags, a recent and exciting Portland company will be showing a number of their works. Handmade backpacks that double as panniers. These will be in our space all month.

          There will be drinks and music. Saturday we will be open. Labor day closed.

          Thursday, August 25th, 2011

          Ethiopia Biloya cooperative on bar as both coffee and as espresso. Higher edged w jasmine and a nice upper juicyness. promising chocolaty depth with more developed sugars.

          Growlers of our cold brew coffee have been biked to DoveVivi, 28th and Glisen (the most amazing pizza ever). For the moment we are keeping the staff caffeinated, but cold brew AND pizza!! Hopefully this is the future.

          Chocolate Chip Cookies and Zucchini Bread have been mindblowing the last week, thanks to Leala. And the coffee has been kick ass thanks to Ryan, Tyler and David, James and Alex. Kourtney, meanwhile, has been gathering vinyle in NY, and working on her podcast CUTEMEAT (linked to on the right).

          Friday, August 19th, 2011

          Mark your calendars for September 1st. Edwin Brown of Sprout Cycles and North St. Bags will be showcasing their work in the evening. We will have frames and really cool bike bags hung in our space. Sprout makes custom handbuilt bike frames, and North St. Bags is a recent portland bag company.

          Today we receive a pallet of new coffee at the roastery that will make its way to our bar Monday. Tomorrow morning bright and early we go to the Farmers Market before baking off the goods for our bar. The amount of stuff we are baking off each morning has increased!

          Also we just got an amazing article in the newest Portland Monthly magazine showcasing Portlands tastiest cookies. This would be the September 2011 issue.

          Sunday, August 14th, 2011

          Courier ate dinner together Friday night. There was a bike ride with everyone from our bar to joel’s house (by Reed College). Matt, Daphne, and Monique (rep. our cyclocross team) had gone ahead and prepped?the seven dishes. Sashimi grade Ahi tuna from City Market for Ceviche in Grapefruit, Octopus in lime, Baked Egg/Rocket/greek yogurt and Chili’s, Cucumber Soup, Grilled Polenta w roasted veggies, Cheeses from Foster and Dobbs, and Paella w Chorizo (with much thanks to Eastmoreland Market for Paella ingredients and pan). Drinks included Rose, Margarita in a Bag, and beer from Belmont Station. oh, and Tiramisu for dessert. Dinner was planned based upon pictures from “Plenty,” by Yotam Ottolenghi, and Jamie Oliver “Jamie’s Kitchen” for the Ceviche idea. The coolest thing was seating everyone at one table and eating together.

          too cute not to post these.

          Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

          There were many bees at Peoples Farmers market. Tiny children replaced friend Sergie to sell us honey, his younger sister and brother (great rivers farm, sauvies island). The bees should probably know this is not their honey. Before, we gathered wax paper bags, cheese, and poppy seed at New Seasons on Division. Later today coffee sample roasted in joel’s backyard. rustic sample roasting to be carried out at sunset (of coffees we are deciding whether to purchase).

          This has been a lovely week at Courier. Leala has a new job (our baker), which we are thrilled with- Little T American Baker (the most amazing bread ever). She is doing pastry there, while still working with us (our predawn scratch baked goods- we are the only coffee roaster downtown baking scratch- and it rocks). Monday and Tuesday of this week were amazing days, so busy and we are so grateful to our patrons. We love serving you.

          Friday, August 5th, 2011

          Monday we got together almost all parts of Courier and closed the bar together. We dusted the sprinkler lines, cleaned above our doorway and pass/failed the growing vinyle collection, biking much of it back to our homes. Parts of the room are better. It has been a year and things are getting better all the time.