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          Archive for June, 2011

          Thursday, June 30th, 2011

          Now open Saturdays- 11am-4pm

          breaking-?one of our bikes just got jacked overnight. red raleigh grand pris 59cm, 17t white industry freewheel singlespeed, purple fork w canti posts, mshbks platform pedals black, front porteur rack by paul conti, shimano crank, raceface chainring, bulletproof front hub, originate rear, sun cr-18 rims, avocet saddle. This is Alex Geddeses bike. please spread word.- courier coffee


          Monday, June 27th, 2011

          Sweet Cherry Hand Pies this morning, as well as Savory Pies w mushrooms from Springwater Farm. Strawberry Muffins and Banana Muffins. The neat picture of Leala doing a cherry glaze is from Friday.

          Tomorrow morning a new lot of Ethiopian coffee gets put on a truck for us in Emeryville and starts its journey North. Hopefully by Friday there will be a new coffee at our bar downtown.

          Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

          JackPot Records totally rocks. We just ran out and got these records. Courier is on the lookout for female vocals. Alex just dropped off some fresh coffee too, available for resale. Kourtney (of Courier) says this place was starving for female artists.

          Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

          A peek at the muffins we made this morning (above, before baked). The strawberries are from yesterdays farmers market. Today Alex and James bike across the city to deliver coffee. The freshest wholebean coffee we have was roasted Sunday. We have worked a little on our pyramid display for selling Gold Coffee Filters. New coffee samples are here from Ethiopia, sample roasting later.

          Saturday, June 18th, 2011

          BrassTacks 3535 N Vancouver 11-5 w-m ?opening today, serving Courier Coffee. The woman of BrassTacks make sandwiches to order on Fleur de Lis bread, as well as gluten free bread. They are sandwiches and coffee, with a spacious window bar. Roll out of bed, bike to BrassTacks, meet your people for coffee, or watch the people ride by.

          Food Fight is now stocking wholebean Courier Coffee M-F. ?in 3/4 pound bags. We dropped six packages Friday afternoon of both the el Salv and Brazil.

          Also Courier is doing Facebook, we dont like facebook, but we want you to like us.

          Friday, June 17th, 2011

          Swiss Gold filters now available for sale- $38.

          This is the KF-4, the same 23 Karat gold plated steel filter we use for brewing. The SwissGold filter I have at home has lasted two years of daily use without the gold coming off. Ive seen some go downhill quickly with dishwashers, but never gentle hand washing. The reason we use SwissGold is that the oils sheet right off without changing taste. Gold is the most non-reactive metal, it carries neither a positive or negative charge, and refuses to hold one. This means that oils do not cling to it, and unlike silicon, paper, and steel, gold does not taint the flavor, or give it a metalic of paper taste. Anyway, we Purchased 15 of these filters, and they are now in stock. Tyler is seen modeling one above.

          The sheet of metal has been perforated with lazers and lets through more sediment than paper or cloth, yet is cleaner than a french press. We use them because they are reusable and use less water to clean than other filters we have seen. Pictures above are from our bar this morning.

          Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

          The last few weeks the way we have been roasting our espresso- the do Serrado farm yellow bourbon varietal coffee- has resulted in brighter taste. This weekend while roasting it was apparent how the grainpro packaging has been affecting the green coffee. Almost all of our coffee has been packed in grainpro (plastic bags). While stored in a humidity and temp controlled room, lately it has become apparent how the moisture content is not changing easily enough. Currently the Brazil do Serrado coffee is acting like very fresh green coffee, which is to say very moist and somewhat uneven moisture content. Our gut feeling from the start was to get the coffee out of the plastic, but i think after James and I unloaded the 24 bags of green and stacked them we decided it could wait. Plan of the day- rebag 2000 pounds of green coffee (from grainpro lined burlap to just burlap- then restitch the bags). Currently I am impressed Alex has been pulling off the roasts he has.

          Pictured above Cold Brew Coffee just starting to steep at 38F- Bolivia Coraca Carrasco- decanted yesterday.

          Saturday, June 11th, 2011

          Happy birthday Tyler + Leala (of Courier). We ate earlier in the week at Ya Hala to celebrate, while at our bar the general feel has been celebration. Rose Festival, Pedalpalooza, Gay Pride are almost like kick off parties to the summer. After a bike run to Lippmans (a place pretty nostalgic of childhood birthdays in Portland) Courier found perhaps the perfect decorations for its bar this month.

          This week has been hot. Sizzle Pie is moving into the Roccos space (we have a new neighbor). Stumptown Coffees ownership shifted, an article in Willamette Week, and a post by Duane (of Stumptown) on their blog explains much. Our freezer still does not work, and hand made ice cubes have been biked in each day from an offsite location. and we are super excited about the bike fun this week that is pedalpalooza. Rumor is that Courier might compete in the cargo bike race tomorrow. and today we head to South Waterfronts Cider Festival, to perhaps build our flavor vocabulary, and definitely support friends of our bar. Have a fantastic weekend.

          Monday, June 6th, 2011

          absolutely nailed it on the roasts yesterday. Brazil do Serrado + El Salvador San Luis roasted around ten AM Sunday (available at our bar for purchase). Cold Brew Coffee will be available after noon, and with luck we will have ice in a cooler at that point forward (freezer totally dead). Ice will now be biked in daily. The cookies at the bar look fantastic today, and since our (in house) baker is in love with Rhubarb, so do the muffins.

          Saturday, June 4th, 2011

          Courier has a new sign made entirely of crepe paper. Thursday we hit the blocks bicycles with streamers and spoke ribbons (on our friends bikes). Taylors art show is wonderful, and summers bright colors have come with. This morning we shop for ingredients at the Farmers Market in the South Park Blocks (for our housemade bake goods for the bar). Later we bike 100 lbs Shepherds Grain flour, 100 lbs vegan cane sugar, and 40 lbs organic brown rice syrup to the bar from Dovetail Baking. The weekend looks beautiful already, hopefully everyone is drinking amazing coffee and hanging out in a park somewhere. best-courier