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          Archive for May, 2011

          Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

          This morning our server was taken into the dessert, flipped upside down, and shaken out. A few hours our server was back online. Courier is “borrowing” space on a server in San Francisco, and routing it through a hub (probably in a storage room) in Reno.

          Over the long weekend we made oat milk from scratch, tightened up our bar chairs, used our new die grinder, and made a new batch of house made granola for our bar. Coffee the last week has held more savory flavors and the espresso more crisp with grapefruit bitter. This weekend Alex leaned more toward caramelly sugars, trying to hold onto the vibrant raw fruit sugars, yet still build upon them.

          From May 31, 2011
          From May 31, 2011

          Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

          Love from Huge magazine (Japan) in their latest issue. Two great photos of Alex and James biking coffee. Also love from Eat and Travel Weekly (Hong Kong), in a spread on Portland’s food + culture (bikes, beer, foodcarts and markets. Thank you for the love and attention. The magazines will be on bar for the next days.

          Thursday, May 19th, 2011

          Started to steep sun tea at noon. Cold steeped coffee Bolivia from the town of Coraca. We have been doing a twenty four hour cold steep, later filtering through gold and thick felt to create a concentrate. Blocks of ice to top it off, served in pint mason jars. Feel free to drop a deposit on the jar and take it with you.

          Imbibe magazine, page 36 recent issue, Courier Coffee Roasters got a sweet full color picture of Alex Geddes roasting- two pages!!!

          Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

          Arnie enjoyed Courier. He likes it when people have snacks w their coffee.
          Leala made seed bars today, and they are totally fantastic. Espresso today is roasted by joel, difficult this morning to pull convincing shots. We again picked up milk by bike. all of couriers dairy, milk, eggs, buttermilk, cream is brought by bicycle. much love.

          Saturday, May 14th, 2011

          Weekend spots for Courier Whole Bean Coffee:

          Market of Choice Burlingame (glass mason jars 12oz for $13 including jar deposit).

          Eastmoreland Market, 36th and Knapp (8oz for ??)

          Jade Teahouse, Sellwood

          Dovetail Baking, 30th and Alberta.

          Please remember to check the date the coffee was roasted and buy only what you can use while the coffee is in its prime. After two weeks from roast its not really worth it. You want to have that coffee within the first seven days, ten days is not too bad either. Coffee does change the farther from the roast date. As we say (sometimes too much) coffee is kind of like strawberrys picked ripe, you want them fresh. Much roasting will happen in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Monday morning everything at our bar (923 sw oak) will be available fresh as whole bean again (roasted Sunday). And remember we do deliver to offices across downtown, 24hr notice is nice. Early morning call ins almost always may be done same day. umm bike delivery.

          Thursday, May 12th, 2011

          Entirely in love with Brazil do Serrado as espresso. Grown by Maria and Maria Perierra, two sisters who have been winning CoE (Cup of Excellence) competitions the last few years. This coffee is Yellow Bourbon varietal, and sadly shipped to us in Grainpro. Well, take the bitter with the sweet.

          Brazil agriculture is much like ours. Large scale farming and machinery. Everyone is shipping in Grainpro this year, or basically plastic bags. There are different types of plastics, both layered and woven made by Grainpro. The coffee still comes in burlap bags, but also packed with a plastic lining. The plastic keeps the green coffee from losing moisture content during shipping, and also from swapping flavors (chemical compounds) from whatever the beans are near (i.e. burlap, and other coffee). The downside is that the coffee may become too moist, or get to hot, and get funky. Really Grainpro is much like a really big, and slightly thicker garbage bag, like what you would imagine a computer or something to be packed in. But really do we need plastic?

          Lets remember last years coffee from Brazil that we had at Courier. It was fantastic, and none of it packed in Grainpro. We think the Grainpro is a response to rising prices of coffee. The value of coffee has increased 20% over the last year. With rising prices importers seek to protect their investments from further loss, they can also increase margins to cover the plastic packaging, which is not cheap (look what Bobs RedMill is doing to their flour packaging at New Seasons- shame shame).

          Our current espresso is lovely. On bar today we still have three coffees to choose from. Coffee beans for sale in glass, or paper lined paper bags. Housemade Granola also available in glass and paper. Bourbon Cake made with cherries soaked in Makers, in honor of the Kentucky Derby.

          Monday, May 9th, 2011

          This morning’s whole bean coffee available for purchase: Brazil do Serrado, Bolivia Coraca, and El Salvador San Luis (all 5/8 roasted). Late today the do Serrado will be served as espresso. Cold Brew coffee-Bolivia Coraca.

          Friday, May 6th, 2011

          Pastel de Tres Leches- cake served w cream and cherries
          Espresso con Panna-w whisked cream
          Huge beautiful Muffins-honey, millet, blueberry, lemon

          Last night reception was rad. Pictures dug up from the party, from our time of making hotcross buns a few weeks ago on the backbar, Leala topping the Tres Leches w Morello Cherries. Thank you Brit and Christina for showing your work here this month.

          Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

          Have you noticed the coffee grounds at the doorway of our bar? The affect this has on folks is interesting. We know it looks a little messy (hopefully not too bad), but this coffee keeps ants out of our shop. During the transformation/build out of the space we worked really hard to seal almost all the cracks and crevices. The seal on the door is one of the hardest since 923′s door is so massively wide (and perhaps more prone to expansion/contraction). The ants appear to be coming from a crack in the sidewalk outside. We are?adamantly opposed to using any kind of pesticide or poison in/or outside our bar (or roastery for that matter). Each day at closing new coffee grounds are placed at the entryway to Courier. The key is to have them powder fine (we use the Robur grinder, the same grind we make espresso at). Between coffee to keep the ants out, and cleaning up their little trails inside each day Courier appears to be winning.

          Cold brew most definitely on bar today- Bolivia Coraca. We also have an abundance of coffee roasted on the first of May. I think we will hold off this week bringing a new batch downtown until late Wednesday, or Thursday at the latest. Alex and I both got overzealous roasting this week. But plenty of coffee for you today (and for the ants)!