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          Archive for February, 2011

          Thursday, February 24th, 2011

          New arrivals at Courier are a lot each of Papua New Guinea Onaka Agoga estate, and ?Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, Ethiopia. Both are washed coffees, although the PNG has a fermented quality to the sugars, like a liquor. Papua New Guinea’s climate probably has much to do with the ferment, after the coffee is picked till the time the meat is separated from the seed, any length of time, combined with temperature and moisture, may contribute to the development of sugars (among other things.) The flavors in both these lots lack the clarity and crispness of a well handled washed coffee.

          The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe at a lighter roast has peaches up front, gunpowder green tea, jasmine. A good part of this lot is peaberry, we are guessing this is a combination of different pickings from late 2010.

          Anyway the PNG leans to the Juicy side, while the Yirgacheffe is either floral or herbal, depending on the level of development.

          Pictured above, Vincent Gallo with Paige Powell at Courier Coffee. Paige is wearing a Couture dress designed by Vincent Gallo. Photography by Susan Hoffman, of Wieden + Kennedy. Courier Coffee, totally hidden spot. We are happy to be where the Half and Half cafe stood, much love for Oak Street. 923 sw oak m-f.

          For the

          Monday, February 14th, 2011

          923 sw oak. M-F 7am-5pm. wholebean coffee for kitchens, friends, lovers. drinks at our bar.

          Chinese New Years is almost at an end. Today special treats at our bar. Complimentary lip shaped cookies, w rasberry jam glaze. Leala, of Courier Coffee, got roses for everyone. Tyler, Ryan and co. made valentines for all our customers. And of course some very special bake goods. Coffee is for lovers.

          On a different front entirely, yes! all of our coffee has changed. Papua New Guinea Onaka Agoga estate, and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Yirgacheffe coffee farmers Cooperative Union. This weekend was a little crazy. Popped out the hydraulic pistons on the cargo bike by accident, broke the seal, hydraulic fluid everywhere (not dot). rough. we love you, new coffee, thanks for being with us, thanks Courier staff for being beautiful.

          Saturday, February 5th, 2011

          Fortune cookies handmade by us, given out New Years Day. Leala, our baker, gave us inspiration to celebrate New Years Eve with potluck dinner. Red envelopes, Duck from Good Taste, Noodles from Franks, Fried Rice and Drunk Noodle from Lillikoi, Fish for goodluck (courtesy of Purest Cafe on 1st and Ash). Hendricks Gin w/ coconut water, Q-Tonic, Lime and Lychee. Thanks to Fin restaurant for the cocktail idea.

          Thursday night art party. Welcome to the world of Kyle Simmons. The shop has been transformed, through massive art collected and curated by Kyle, pictured above. Big thanks to Ryan Donaldson of Courier’s bar, in charge of our art happenings (and late nights).

          New crop coffee arrivals at the workshop/roastery this Tuesday. Coffee Bar hours M-F 7am-5pm. Wholebean coffee always available for purchase. 923 SW Oak (coffee bar).

          Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

          Thursday evening art show 5-later.
          Tonight, New Years Eve Potluck 7pm, bring something, eat.

          Leala, our baker, has been working on something special for year of the rabbit. Today its Banh Bo Nho- Vietnamese currant butter cookies (pictured above).