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          Archive for January, 2011

          Sunday, January 30th, 2011

          This was the scene at BIKETHROPOLOGY Thursday night outside Courier, 923 SW Oak.

          Heidi Swift,?Put together a sweet slideshow of the event here, on her blog Grit and Glimmer. I am pretty sure she did a quickie of our event (did i use that word right?). Heidi Swift took some absolutely?gorgeous photos when she last visited us at the roastery.

          Huge Thank You to the artists Heidi, Elly Blue, and Russ Roca.?Music provided by DJ Carlita (and her tape collection of Mississippi Records). Lovely wine provided by fledgling food cart PICNIC. Everything pulled off so much better than I could have hoped for. The art and the party were amazing. The people who turned out, thank you.

          This week we celebrate Chinese New Years Eve Wednesday night 7pm (potluck Chinese food please). Lets sit down and have a meal together, if you want to coordinate what to bring please call my cell, listed on the main page. Then, deep breath, we do a first Thursday art event at 5pm till late with street based art brought to us by Kyle Simmons, formerly Little Red Bike Cafe.

          Monday, January 24th, 2011

          You may be familiar with our chocolate chip cookies, made with 65% chocolate from Maracaibo, Venezuela by Felchlin. Today Leala introduced her cookies with a 72% Arriba chocolate, from Equador. Absolutely fantastic. Also the Sandwiches contain a mushroom bourginon, wonderful.

          We have now settled on perhaps accurate simple flavor descriptors for our two Brazilian coffees. Both coffees are from Cerrado (pronounced Sah-ha-do), located in northern Minas Gerias (Minas for short). The coffee from the Serra Negra farm, owned by Pedro Rossi, 100% red Catuai variertal, has more fruity notes like strawberry. While coffee from Chapadao de Ferro (phay-ho), a red Catuai 99 hybrid varietal, farmed by Ruvaldo and Amelia Delarisse, is slightly more minerally and smells like banana bread. Both coffees are natural processed, meaning the cherry dries on the seed before being removed, and so a lot of sugars in the body. We roast these coffees on the lighter side of medium to showcase the natural sugars.

          We are still super excited about the NPR mention on Ari’s show Friday. Also this weekend i visited Lucy’s Original on Mississippi, Between Sunlan and Mississippi Studios. Evan of Little Red Bike Cafe Fame has reincarnated the Messenger Sandwich as a burger. If anyone has been wondering where the food manifestation of LRBC has been Lucy’s Original is one part. Their food truck is tucked away and open for Lunch and Dinner. So, so satisfying on so many levels, cannot believe I slept on this until now. The Juicy Lucy is kinda a Minnesota thing, cheese inside the burger itself. Also they have a stellar Vegan Burger, as confirmed by Tyler, our resident expert. sold!

          Courier Bar hours M-Fri 7-5. We sell whole bean coffee by weight, coffee drinks, and house made bakery.

          Friday, January 21st, 2011

          Heidi Swift,?Russ Roca, and?Elly Blue present their photographic work this month. Special party this Thursday 5pm till late. Their photos are for sale. 923 sw oak- couriers bar.

          Pictured above is a cup of Kenya Mitondo Farm coffee being made, using a 23 Karat gold plated filter. We like setting coffee up on the bar, making it, then putting everything away because it looks very clean. The bar is for people.

          Also, little interview with Carrie and Ari on NPR this morning for the Portlandia show. Follow the link, there should be a little sound bite you may play from this mornings show. Portlandia plays tonight on IFC.

          Thursday, January 13th, 2011

          paper cups are killing the earth. The kids at Courier gifted me this new cup stamp, isnt it cute. The words hark to gentler times. Also cheese was really pretty this morning in the sandwiches.

          Kenya Mitondo on bar this morning.

          Our cups are made in Georgia from U.S. trees, that were grown for harvest, and lined with a biobased lining made with genetically modified organisms. Our cups are compostable, but only in commercial facilities in Seattle, and we do not have a compost service so we send them to the landfill. These are Not recycleable according to Metro. The lids that go with the cups are made from oil. If you want to read about the cups we purchase they are International Paper’s Ecotainer carte blanc style. Check it out.


          Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

          Brazil Chapadao de Ferro on bar today, from Cerrado, in the state of Minas. Container arrived Portland December. Coffee farmed by Amelia and Ruvaldo Delarisse, liking it as espresso.

          Chocolate Chip Cookies with 65% maracaibo chocolate- awesome, by our baker Leala.

          New art, party to follow on the last Thursday of the month, please mark calendar.

          Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

          New coffee arrived Thursday at the roastery- Brazil Cerrado de Minas, fazenda Serra Negra. This is a natural processed coffee, where the cherry was dried on the hull before being removed. This arrived afloat at the Port of Portland in December. Our fourth batch since receiving may be found at CoffeeHouse NW and at Courier. Tons of raw sugar sweetness. The fourth batch was my favorite, hints of strawberry in the aromatics. Our next roasts will have more developed sugars.

          New years was pretty epic. People we had never seen before came to get their caffeine fix before working new years eve. At four AM we were having coffee again at Courier. At 630am we were at the beach watching the sunrise. Then we slept to wake and watch the sunset over the ocean. Being really hungry we ?came back to Portland to eat at DoveVivi Pizza (some of the best pizza ever!). Only for a brief period did Courier lose its main phone line to the ocean, roughly 24 hours. Happy new Year.

          Courier Coffee M-F 7am-5pm.