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          Archive for December, 2010

          brown paper packages tied up with string

          Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

          You can almost see it snowing outside. We showed up this morning to find a bottle of whisky wrapped on our bar as a gift from our baker, Leala. This morning she flies to Hawaii to be with her family for Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone. Yes, we will be open Friday, Christmas Eve. I really want to make gingerbread cookies tomorrow morning. Come hang out, have a hot chocolate and some cookies at 923 SW Oak.

          Half pounds of coffee have been selling for gifts. We also have handcrafted coffee cups for sale, made by Gretchen Vaudt. They are really beautifully done, super lightweight. Each has been hand dipped in white glaze, and the bottoms polished smooth to go gentle on the bar. We have quiet a few espresso sized cups, and small cups good for cortados, cappucinos, and warm russians. twenty five or twenty two each. These are dated for 2010 and are the first run of cups made by Gretchen specially for Couriers bar. No two cups are a like.

          Come enjoy the coffees of 2010. Pretty soon our coffee offerings are going to completely flip. Oh, and we just made tops in Portland Monthlys Dining 2010!!! Cheers-

          Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

          Evan of Little Red Bike Cafe finally opened his food truck (Lombard + Burr). Delicious burgers for lunch and dinner.

          Doc. Marten party Friday night. Courier got hooked up with new shoes, then we drank beer and listened to Laura Veirs.

          Hot picture of Leala’s Cranberry upside-down Cupcakes. She worked through the night to make us tasty treats to pair with coffee.

          We are biking coffee beans still, to all our accounts, friends and people.


          Thursday, December 9th, 2010

          Hanukkah candles have lit the windows the last few nights. Today it is pouring rain outside, but alas Hanukkah is over. This week our friends from Little Red Bike Cafe as well as their friends from Waves of Grain Bakery have stopped by to visit us. There is talk of a food truck, food writing, and homemade jam. We could not be more excited.


          Saturday, December 4th, 2010

          923 SW Oak. Monday through Friday, 7am to 5pm.

          Whole bean coffee for sale by the pound.

          made with love.

          5-8pm December 2nd Katie Delwiche

          Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

          923 SW Oak.

          After dark, please turn out to meet Katie Delwiche. Sound tonight by Carlita. Perhaps stop by the Lucky Lab in NW for some 22′s on your way in.