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          Archive for November, 2010

          jackpot records our neighbor

          Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

          Jackpot Records hooked us up with the new Mariah Carey Christmas 2 you Album.

          Major thanks to the Pink Martini crew for dropping off their new Joy to the World compact disc.

          Extended hours this Thursday. New artistic work by Katie. Two record players? Eggnog. 923 SW Oak. Coffee sold by whatever amount you want. Thursday might be a perfect night. You are all invited.

          We are open, links to awesome press.

          Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

          Courier’s bar closed Thanksgiving Day. Friday morning we open a little later at 9am, but if you are hustling to your retail store, or just up early and need to keep warm, someone will be here early to make you coffee.

          News on the front-?Portland Monthly magazine just gave Courier Coffee some awesome press.?Its in their newest issue (December). Karen Brooks wrote a lovely article on our bar, and our baker, Leala Humbert, got a sweet mention for all her hard work. Check it out here.

          Last week, we forgot to mention the huge full color picture of our coffee bar in the Oregonian, in Thursdays issue. The article was about Trackstanding as part of urban cycling culture, taking place at our coffee bar. Beautiful picture of Tyler’s coffee tattoos, two macchiatos, and Daniel Lurvey balancing on two wheels in front of our bar. BikeSnob even made a link to the article, cool. Check out the article (by Joseph Rose) here.

          Both articles we have in print at our place at 923 SW Oak, come check them in print, or pick up a copy of Portland Monthly! Have a lovely Thanksgiving from all of us- Leala, James, Tyler, Alex, Ryan, David, and Joel (Courier Coffee). We are totally thankful for you!

          New Coffees- Milk by Bike

          Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

          Kenya Mitondo farm

          Guatemala San Pedro Carcha, Coban, finca (farm) Santa Paula

          Decaf Peru, Chanchamayo region, La Florida Cooperative, org grown, water process decaf

          Ethiopia Yirgacheffe grade 2- for espresso

          These coffees are currently being delivered to our accounts by bicycle, to homes, and restaurants and peoples work. We are brewing these by the cup at our coffee bar, 923 SW Oak M-F 7am-5pm.

          Other updates on the front. We are now picking up all milk for the coffee bar- on our bikes. A few weeks ago Sunshine Dairy increased their minimum order to a point we could not meet. So James from the roastery now includes a milk run in his Tuesday morning run between St. Johns and Sellwood. Last weeks order 15 gallons whole milk, one gallon nonfat, six pounds butter, 4 dozen eggs. Are we the only place in Portland getting milk delivered by bike? Pumpkins by bike (fresh pie today at the bar). Chocolate by bike (from Cacao 3 blocks up).. ?oh and the track stand record is now at 30 minutes for our shop. Longer stands get a free cup of coffee.


          Whole bean coffee, like filling up a growler, ready to go sandwiches

          Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

          We re drew the menu to include coffee, which may be bottled in glass mason jars with a bottle deposit. Whole bean coffee to make at home, from the roaster. Of course we always sell whole bean coffee, thats what we do, but we think many people who walk in do not expect this. Since we roast seven days a week, there is always something in our shop within 30 hours of roast. We think coffee is best within seven days of being roasted. So come enjoy not only a coffee bar, but a bar for whole bean coffee.

          Fulfilling desire, Leala Humbert has created Sandwiches for our bar. Pre-wrapped, containing things like chevre, caramelized onions, and roasted eggplant. Our baker is rad.

          coffee by the jar, cinderella pumpkin pie, track standing

          Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

          Guatemala San Pedro Carcha finca Santa Paula (Coban region) and Kenya Mitondo farm- our newest coffees, that arrived friday. Coffee is now available whole bean, in glass mason jars at 923 SW Oak. Half Pound for 7.50 plus jar deposit of a dollar.

          Cinderella Pumpkin Pie, from scratch by our baker this morning, Leala Humbert. Pumpkins were biked over the course of two saturdays from the farmers market. Over the last few nights there have been hot pumpkin seeds for guests. Oh, and Leala’s new Spicy Thai Granola bars-Kefir lime leaves, mango, coconut, thai chilis, peanuts.

          Longest track stand outside our shop still gets a cup of coffee, or espresso. The record is set at 20.5 minute, so come protect your street cred. Oh, and did we mention we are a bike base business? There are always tools and a pump if you ever need. 7am-5pm M-F 923 SW Oak.

          doing first thursday

          Thursday, November 4th, 2010

          5pm till whenever, 8pm, Will Elder showing his work at our coffee bar- 923 sw Oak. Judging from the title of his show viewing his work should be exactly like stepping into Will’s mind. Except with wine, maybe some chocolate chip cookies made by Leala, and the option of purchasing whole bean coffee, all while listening to wonderful records, oh, and sipping on coffee.

          Reading Frenzy has a show at 7pm. The beauty of this event is that we are on the “other” side of Burnside from the well rehearsed first Thursday. Should be rad. Oh and service industry folks get their pints upgraded at Roccos. Trust us, we got this deal just four you. best CCR