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          Archive for October, 2010


          Friday, October 29th, 2010

          There is something really cozy about drinks served in mason jars. The Jarbralter comes in a half pint jar. Drinking out of storage vessels is pretty fun.

          new espresso

          Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

          Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe, grade 2. Monday at roughly eleven am we moved from our Bourbon varietal coffee from El Salvador finca Buenavista to this new lot from Yirgacheffe. This lot arrived September/October afloat into Emeryville, California. We have it on sale both as a coffee for drinking and as a coffee for espresso at our shop at 923 SW Oak. We sell coffee by weight, so whatever folks need for the next 5-7 days. One of the fun things about our coffee bar is that we keep the coffee seasonal, treating it as a crop.

          This week we have new artwork going up. Next week we will have an early reception for the artist on Thursday, which you are totally invited to. Our fridge is full of wonderful things from the farmers market, and we have a new off menu drink. JARBRALTER

          heads up, new coffee on the way.

          Monday, October 18th, 2010

          The Elderflower Cake today is?phenomenal. This would go really well with a glass of white wine (ok, we just cupped through a lot of coffee samples). The glaze has all these flavors that are very reminiscent of honey, except without the honey sweetness. Its a light and wonderful glaze that has picked up some of the pear. Honestly, rad.

          The Savory Pie today is also, seriously fabulous. Chantrelles and caramelized onion, with a little goat cheese and Kobucha squash. so so good. I think this is one of the best Pies that Leala has made so far.

          Today we cupped a host of coffees roasted in my garage. One winner was an auction lot from Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe.

          Courier Coffee. 923 sw Oak. 7am-5pm M-F.

          Celebrating the art and our opening

          Saturday, October 16th, 2010

          Three months ago paper covered floor and windows. One electrical outlet ran our lunchbox record player, boiled water, sucked in fresh air. Gus and Paige Powell tried numerous times to have coffee at our shop, during the building stage, one night even offering to help us paint. Our largest obstacle however, were the blank walls. That night we all went back to our homes to find artwork.

          For the last two months our space has been graced with photos by Paige of Bosquiat and Warhol, by Gus Van Sant of a?performance?piece done by the Zoobombers and Bodyvox, and works by Cailin Carlile. Last night we threw a party celebrating both the artwork and artists, Courier’s opening, and everyone who made our opening possible. Everything is absolutely fantastic.

          Pastry by Leala Humbert, our baker, who made almost a hundred savory pies using all ingredients from the farmers market, working through two nights.

          New thrown ceramic coffee cups by Gretchen Vaudt

          Flowers by Sammie’s on 21st and Glisen

          Sweet pastry by Dovetail Baking

          Beer by Captured by Porches

          Wine courtesy of my father, Steve Domreis.

          Bar by Agustine Enriquez

          Coffee by Guillermo and Miguel, from the Buena Vista farm in the mountains of El Salvador.

          Party made possible by all of you. Thank you, we had a wonderful time. -Courier Coffee M-F 7am-5pm

          Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

          Neal and Stella.

          Savory pastry- swiss chard, beets, goat cheese, caramelized onion, shallots, thyme. -4

          Neal, outside our shop at 923 Sw Oak. In a moment Stella is going to jump on his head and start licking his face. The coffee today from El Salvador finca las Delicias is wonderful. The Costa Rica San Isidro from the Zamorana family is not as full in the mouth, but overall pleasant in the mouth. The Pastries today pack the same heft of yesterdays, really liking the chard and goat cheese, and the beets for their beautiful color. A perfect fall pastry?

          a fantastic morning for cappucinnos and pastries stuffed with shallots, potato, celery, carrots, and mushroom, 923 SW Oak

          Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

          nectarine rasberry upside down cake- 3

          pastry filled with mushroom, potato, shallots, celery, corn, pequillo peppers, and carrot- 4

          The pastries today are totally awesome. Each weighing just under a third of a pound, and we are told, each containing a significant quantity of butter. We also have a vegan scone this morning, as well as our granola bars, which are thicker this week. Ryan says this will be another fantastic day for cappucinos. With three days left of espresso from Santa Barbara farm, its time for something fresh. Party Friday 5pm on, perhaps all day, come check out Andy Warhol witnessing breakdancing for the first time, more here soon.

          Next Friday Oct 15 Grand Opening Party

          Thursday, October 7th, 2010

          and you are invited. This morning we showed up at work and decided we would have an opening party. Lets make it official. 923 SW Oak. 5pm till whenever.

          Monday, October 4th, 2010

          coffee cake- grapes, citrus.

          Savory Gallette- fennel, orange zest, tomato, goat cheese.

          Made by our very own Leala Humbert, of Courier Coffee. Fingers are crossed that more green coffee samples arrive by mail tomorrow, to be roasted in Joel’s garage. Tomorrow Ryan Donaldson will be taking a leave to celebrate his birthday. Drinks in the evening.

          Friday, October 1st, 2010


          David, autotuning his voice to a T Payne song.

          Next week, we start serving a decaf coffee from Peru, Chanchamayo region, from the La Florida cooperative. It is organically grown and decaf processed in Cordoba, Mexico by Descamex (water process decaf).