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          Archive for June, 2010

          espresso try outs

          Saturday, June 26th, 2010

          The workshop has been so clean and organized these last weeks. Huge thanks to our new staff Tyler and Natasha.

          Current ETA wavers around mid-July. News came Tuesday that 3-phase power is already being supplied to our space. This is great news and we are now trying to work this to our advantage.

          Saturday, June 19th, 2010

          Friday I did a harried delivery of coffee to LRBC, later heading to meet plumbers and electricians at 923 SW Oak. Alex arrived later in the morning to fulfill all Eastside deliveries. The rest of the day was constant communication.

          The drains are at least solid at our future space. Much is left to be done. We will work on bringing back the pictures.

          At the roastery we have a new way to hold roasted samples- glass half pint jars. There are 25 samples of our production roasts. This replaces a complicated system of re-using paper bags.

          news on the front

          Monday, June 14th, 2010

          Woodwork on the bar is getting completed- the future coffeebar.

          Little Red Bike Cafe is moving out of their current place after Friday. Check it out on their blog. Yes- we are wondering about the Honeyed Yogurt Bowls too. We love LRBC.

          Produce Row Cafe has finally reopened. A good place to try our coffee.

          Jade Tea House in Sellwood is carrying our coffee. We are excited about their multiple water towers for different teas.

          We are just booking on opening our new spot.

          Half & Half Cafe’s espresso machine

          Friday, June 11th, 2010

          This four year old Synesso Cyncra espresso machine is aging well. It still has its original solenoid valves, including the parker class H valves (now obsolete). The inside of the steam boiler is super clean. The orifices that lead to the steamwands look great. It does not even need an acid bath.

          New coffee arrived yesterday. Five new coffees, which we will slowly delve into.

          We are busy roasting, keeping up with our accounts, and building a new coffee shop at the moment.

          Monday, June 7th, 2010

          Courier Coffee, 923 SW Oak, has appeared unchanged the last week. Trust us, much is happening.

          Natasha (above) has temporarily joined the staff at our workshop (before heading to work at Courier’s bar). She will be refurbishing the same espresso machine she will be using downtown. Strip it, rebuild it, make it better, make the roastery better.

          Today we tried a granola bar prototype. Our friend is making menu items at night in her kitchen, helping us build a small but lovely menu. Made with equal parts honey and vegetable oil as liquid. Oats, seeds, fruit, grain, are the main part. The goal is to offer food, but perhaps not lunch. We want granola bars with the consistency of that puffed rice marshmallow bar, but savory over sweet. The bars should be thick, substantial, and filling on their own. It should be easy to remove honey and make these entirely vegan. We are absolutely thrilled to have our lovely cooking friends cooking up food for us.

          We all had a fun time tasting granola bars today. Later when the sun came out Alex and I took a bike ride to Belmont Station.

          Saturday, June 5th, 2010

          New bicycle pedals have arrived, to more safely distribute coffee. Funn pedals, with hollow tip studs and grip tape centers, courtesy of Veloshop.

          Monday new coffee starts working its way by truck to us, so they say. Pretty much all next week will be dicey as we must ensure that someone is here to accept delivery. If it rains then that person must move coffee very quickly to the cellar. We have two separate semi-truck deliveries to intercept throughout next week.

          what food at Courier’s bar

          Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

          At night we are trying to eat food that we may envision being served at our coffee bar.

          The other night a few radishes, two pears, some bread, were pulled together.