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          Archive for May, 2010

          two drinking coffees this week

          Friday, May 28th, 2010

          We have coffees holding for us at the ports. Yesterday we received a new coffee- Tanzania Ruvuma AAA. We are down to this and the Brazil Chapadao de Ferro (as drinking coffees, in addition to our espresso Brazil Serra Negra), mentioned in the previous post. Three other coffees are holding and we are working on the shipping.

          Our new coffee bar is still slated to open mid-July. You may peek our space empty this weekend. The epoxy floor coating is dry, and curing. It has a non slip coating at approximately 80 grit. We left the lights on and the paper peeled back for you to check out. go ahead, peek in the window.

          Agustin is making the bar happen in some garage right now. He is doing it all in walnut, a wood native to the northwest.

          Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

          Our great friends helped out Saturday. From the midnight hours until afternoon. The bar is in the process of being made as well. Mid-July is our tentative opening date. We are very excited about the neighborhood.

          Friday we started roasting a new coffee from Cerrado, Minas, Brazil. The coffee is from Ruvaldo and Amelia Delarisse’s farm Chapadao de Ferro, named after the location where the farm sits (really big plateau of iron, or an old extinct volcano). This coffee is pulped natural process, meaning the fruit skin is removed and the meat of the cherry dries on the husk of the seeds. Like a natural process coffee, there is much sugar from the fruit that has made its way into the seeds during the drying process. Coffee with higher sugar content is roasted at cooler temperatures, so that flavors are developed without burning the sugars. We still hit about the same roast times as any other coffee though, relatively.

          July is only weeks away…

          developing flavors for the new Courier Cafe

          Thursday, May 20th, 2010

          Many people ask, will there be food at 923 SW Oak. Yes, there will be food. The space is seriously tiny, this is very hard to explain. The coffee bar, the entire bar, will be for people. There is absolutely no where to put food, to display food, to prep food. Up till a few days ago there was no place to put a bulk coffee grinder (serious problem). This having been said, we will most definitely have food.

          Being surrounded by wonderful people who are into food has certainly been a driving force. Last night, making Creme Anglaise to pair with Orange Rhubarb, from the Rose Bakery Cookbook (Phaidon), we found the perfect jar in which to decant. It made us think of our friends at Little Red Bike Cafe, and the Creme Anglaise was quiet tasty.

          We just received word that our floor work at 923 SW Oak will commence next week. This means likely Friday, and definitely Saturday we are making a push to prep, prime, and paint the ceiling and walls. Saturday we are inviting our friends to help us. Work to start early morning. Brushes, and devices to paint really high up welcome. As always Joel’s cell number is at the bottom of the main page www.lesiweiyu.com

          Mock coffee bar at 923 SW Oak

          Sunday, May 16th, 2010

          Saturday Agustin Enriquez built a full scale model coffee bar, in the space at 923 SW Oak (where we are opening). It looks really cool. We want the space to be really warm and inviting. Imagine it like you are ordering a beer, at a bar. Just walk up to the bar and get served, no lines, or take a seat, the bartender will be with you shortly.

          In the meantime, our coffee roasting is coming along nicely. Later today we are roasting samples of new crop arrivals, and cupping early Monday.

          Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

          Brittany Powell and Michael Parich. DoveVivi pizza Sunday evening. There is something about Dove. Brittany and Michael were the first people on the scene at 923 SW Oak, packing up.. everything. Michael has an underground bicycle library, and Brittany does installation artwork.

          At the roastery, we are practicing the art of being present at two moments at once. Our roasting notes have become faint. Alex Geddes and I have moved on to speaking of roasts in terms of sugar development. Luckily for us our roasts are about moving in a direction, instead of mimicking past roasts. We often are creating a variety of roasts to fit specific clients needs…

          Green coffee is rolling in, after a drought in new crop arrivals, suddenly there is a huge amount coming off the water (afloat, in shipping containers, as the products of your life are arriving by container from China daily). This pretty much means the roasters near the ports (and purchasing spot) are going to have a leg up on us. We are having samples shipped as soon as they hit the port.

          Building a coffee bar, Agustin of GBD Architects, has spearheaded the idea of building a mock three dimensional bar out of cardboard. We were a little sceptical, having faith in his drafting abilities, but Agustin is genius.

          Coffees in our cellar that we are roasting-

          Costa Rica Los Santos, Tarrazu- Actually a collective pool of coffee from Los Santos. Mild weight in mouth, Tangerine citrus notes, milk chocolate.

          Guatemala finca la Providencia- Overall orange citrus with a caramelized mouthfeel.

          Tanzania Mbinga district of Ruvuma- Smells awesome, probably the best aromatic coffee we have. Cups mellow. Sometimes hazelnut, sometimes the sugars get developed with a little more rawness, juicy in mouth.

          Our espresso is Brazil faz. Serra Negra- from Cerrado Brazil. A true natural process coffee, meaning the cherry dried fully on the seeds before being hulled. Very developed, full, almost alcohol sugars. We roast this at very low temperatures to not destroy the sugars. Much natural sweetness.

          timeline begins for coffee bar

          Saturday, May 8th, 2010

          Working on the coffee bar at 923 SW Oak. We are trying to nail our timeline, for the bar itself, which seems to be the measuring stick for opening. This morning we checked out slabs of wood, from fallen trees around Portland (Western Walnut pictured above).

          Huge thanks goes to all our friends, who have so far helped us clean, plan, prep, and are definitely keeping us fed. The one thing we know is that we would be nowhere without you, and that this entire deal is better with your love and support.