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          Archive for April, 2010

          Lilikoi, food awesome on Killingsworth

          Thursday, April 29th, 2010

          Our friends Dekin and Veth have opened, what is, technically a food cart, on Killingsworth 1.1 blocks East of Interstate. The food is seriously delicious, and a super good value. They are serving Courier Coffee roasted very very dark, which, you should know, is how it would be done in Laos, where Veth grew up. Currently we have them serving a coffee from Los Santos, Costa Rica, from a bunch of small farms ranging from 1-5 Hectares in size. However, we are working to get something from Indonesia that would be more in keeping.

          Lillikoi serves up Hawaiian and Southeast Asian awesomeness, in the form of grilled pork and coleslaw, sandwiched between fat slices of fresh Hawaiian sweet bread. Their home made doughnuts are rolled in passionfruit and cane sugar. Soon, their ice coffee will come with sweetened condensed milk! And, they are now doing breakfast at 8am. Flower Blossom cookies (savory) pictured above. Lilikoi is the real deal. This is soul filling comfort food, made on some hot plates and a wok. Hours 8am-7pm wed-sun. Menu Below.


          1324 N.Killingsworth

          (503) 477-5585


          wed-sun 8am to 7pm

          (breakfast served all hours)

          Breakfast & Pastries

          lilikoi french toast

          lightly battered hawaiian sweet bread?w/lilikoi syrup $4

          strawberry guava cream cheese rolls $2

          lilikoi donut .75 each or?6 $3.50

          flower blossom cookies(asian rosettes) .75

          fresh hawaiian sweet bread?$1

          Breakfast Sandwiches or Wraps

          (served on fresh baked hawaiian sweet bread?or tortilla)

          (eggs?over easy on sandwich)

          (scramble eggs in wraps)

          egg and cheese $4

          ham and cheese $4

          ham,egg,&cheese $5

          kalua pork,egg,& cheese $5

          Sandwiches or Wraps

          (served on fresh baked hawaiian sweet bread or tortilla)

          kalua pork w/creamy asian coleslaw $5

          cuban w/ham,kalua pork,pickles,cheese,mayo $5

          kalua pork & cheese $5

          cheese quesedillas $3

          ham & cheese?quesedillas $4

          kalua pork & cheese quesedillas $5


          “laos style” sweet?soy sauce, onions, bean sprouts,?eggs $5

          “drunken noodles” soy?sauce mix,?onions,?bean sprouts,?eggs, basil, black pepper $5


          lilikoi ice tea $1.50

          assorted hawaiian?can juice $1.50

          12 oz?coffee $2

          8 oz coffee $1.50

          16 oz ice coffee $2

          growing a coffee bar

          Monday, April 26th, 2010

          Courier is opening its first coffee bar! We could not be doing this without you, without the support and inspiration of our coffee friends.

          Really a ton has been pulled together in the last 48hrs. Our goal is to get up and running as soon as possible. Is a month too short?

          The last few weeks have been.. well, pretty epic. Sweet and sour with the Half and Half closing, although we are thrilled open, and in a space with such good memories. Little Red Bike Cafe just gave their official 8 week notice that their current location will be closing (on their blog). Perierra Creperie is now hard at work building their future creperie and speakeasy next to Valentines (they also serve our coffee)! Lilikoi, 1324 N Killingsworth, a block East of Interstate, has opened quietly (our friends Dekin and Veth, serving up Hawaiian and SE Asian food). Cloudy October, who works backbar at bar XV, did a show Friday night and we were there to support. Biking Ahearn’s CycleTruck for a full week was totally rad.

          The other night I siphoned coffee, for a fifteen person dinner party. The first round of service went a little rough, and the final round went awesome. Prepping the lower glass assembly and bringing these to the table, each with a burner. Spacing them down the length of the table, and angling in the top glass. As each reached below boiling top glasses were fitted to make a seal. With the rising of the water each siphon was stirred. The entire process was very theatrical, and at this point just for show, since everyone already had enough coffee. I guess I am getting into this story because what followed was a fascinating conversation about food service, and some really good advice.

          We know we want to serve you better. And we know that we have to make the environment in which we work more fun, less like an assembly line, and more like a bar. And of course the coffee has to be super awesome, and whatever food we can manage awesome as well. We are feverishly eating out, drinking out, making awesome drinks at our workshop, and trying to make every moment count and culminate into some kind of awesome coffee bar. Thanks for being here.

          riding the ride

          Monday, April 19th, 2010

          Produce Row Cafe has closed for remodel. Joseph Ahearne, Ahearne Cycles, loaned us a CycleTruck to try for the week, rad. Our beloved Half & Half Cafe, 923 SW Oak, is closing May 1st. Half & Half was the first cafe to serve Courier, and one of the first to serve Stumptown. Courier Coffee will be moving into the H&H space, and opening, while still roasting and distributing from 40th and Hawthorne.

          We also have a new account serving Courier at Killingsworth and Vancouver, Tuff Luck, inside In Other Words. They do a modest espresso service and French press to order.

          another new espresso, with the farmers

          Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

          Turns out the Costa Rica makes for thin espresso, but pretty awesome in milk drinks. Almost as soon as we discovered this, we started sending out our winner- Brazil Cerrado (region) de Minas (Minas Gerias is a state) fazenda (farm) Serra Negra (farm name). Thats: Brazil Cerrado de Minas fazenda Serra Negra, and the farm is run by Pedro Luis Rossi. He was actually here, yesterday, at our workshop. We told him how lovely his coffee was. We pulled him a double espresso of His coffee roasted nine hours prior. Then we proceeded to siphon coffee of the same lot roasted a different way. If anyone wondered why we were so late yesterday, it was because three farmers showed up, unannounced, at our workshop.

          If anyone remembers our summer run, of Brazil Cerrado de Minas fazenda Chapadao de Ferro, well, Ruvaldo Delarisse was here yesterday too. Yesterday was kind of exciting. That coffee had much minerally salt. Chapadao de Ferro in Portugese means, really big plateau of iron. Take that to mean extinct volcano.

          The faz. Serra Negra, lot #811 is a true natural process coffee, meaning the cherry dried on the seeds. This is why the coffee is so sweet, much of the fruit sugars soaked into the seed, in the process of drying. We had thought the coffee was 100% red Catuai varietal, but we learned Mundo Novo varietal is also included. The farm size is 90 Hectares (Ha), pretty big, and they also grow yellow Catuai.

          We were sleeping on the Serra Negra, and now you have it for espresso. At this point it has been biked to the four corners of Portland. We thought the Costa Rica was fun, but perhaps not so fun for the straight espresso drinkers.

          Much happening in our coffee world. Dinner with friends. Courier is going to get a whole lot more exciting soon. One tidbit: we have a new Ahearne bike coming our way for trials this weekend, a cycle truck. Check it out.

          new espresso

          Sunday, April 11th, 2010

          Thats right, new espresso. Costa Rica los Santos, Tarazu, Caturra and Catuai varietals, from a bunch of farms averaging 1-5 Hectares (Ha). Lot arrived March 14th in Oakland. The seed is super dense, and we are working to open up that density with heat. With espresso we attempt a closer distribution of colors, denoting a more like developemt of sugars/whatnot. Distribution from the outside/surface to the inside/heart. Break a seed open and you will see a change in colors. In this way we may see how heat has moved through and bounced back upon itself. We would like to get less variation in color gradient with this coffee. It is pretty wild right now, and very fresh. It could be that if we let it sit for a month before roasting, the moisture would even out in the seed, making for better heat transfer. We like freshness though.

          The food pics of deviled eggs are from the Half and Half Cafe. The diced chives, parmesian, wine, butter & flour (for savory biscuits) are from Matt (CCR) and Daphnes kitchen.

          Whats Up at Courier

          Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

          Courier has more Super pretty things going on. Image three is the glow of shellac thinner burning through our Japanese Hario siphon brewer. Siphoning coffee more frequently, we have permanently staged our quad-beam balance scale to 23.523g for 3 cups (thats just what its at). We weigh before grinding only, for ease. We are still using cloth filters stitched from re-purposed cotton.

          Our vintage three group San Marco Leva still dominates our workshop bar. Not only is it a puzzle to pull vivid, clean, defined flavor from the groups, but it also represents a mechanical challenge. We are now toying with the idea of adding flow-jets in-line before each group, along with gauges. We are pulling lovely shots, but still a little muddled and unclear. Under dosing the baskets way below the rim of the PF has been key, and our grinder’s Omron timer has been very helpful.

          Alex Geddes has been doing most of the roasting lately, which has been going very well. There is always talk about the roasts, and I think the newest thing we are learning about is doing very small experimental roasts for espresso. This can be difficult since the airflow pattern changes, as well as heat distribution.

          R. Kelly month of April is filling up! (coloring that is!). Our friend Kizzy is doing a show April 23rd at Slabtown w/ Sleep and Awol (our latest addition). Alex colored up the month of April Monday, Kelly got a reflective patch under the brim of his hat made from silver vent tape. Kizzy works Bar Fifteen, and we kind of look forward to seeing him on our deliveries. On that note, Produce Row is closing mid-month to re-do their bar. So if you were dreaming about them last night you better meet us there after work. They are going to run some new glycol filled lines for the taps, and we think extend their hard liquor section.

          Our Coffee Selection follows in the previous post. Our cell number is located on the main page here.

          sixteen hour days and our coffee offerings

          Monday, April 5th, 2010

          in a sixteen hour workday, keeping fed is key. In a sixteen hour day it is almost like starvation. Yep, we have three new coffees, only have roasted two. So much shipping damage I was almost crying while stitching the bags. Stitching up holes is a crucial art. It is not often that half the bags we receive require surgery. One tricky sole decided to patch a seven inch bleeder, using only packing tape. Unfortunately, our soon-to-be doctor, Matt Sperry, was not in the house at this moment. Otherwise, we are sure, he would have relished the practice. I’m starving. Above is a hamburger of awesome power from Toast, 52nd and Steel.

          Guatemala San Pedro Huehuetenango finca la Providencia- 75% Caturra, rest Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Nuevo. Farm size 33.8 Ha. 3/16 arrival.

          Costa Rica Los Santos, Tarrazu, S. of San Pedro- Caturra and Catuai varietals. Farm sizes 1-5 Ha. 3/14 arrival.

          Tanzania Ruvuma Mbinga district- N5 and N39 (bourbon) varietals. Average farm size .5-5 Ha. 3/9 arrival.

          These are in addition to-

          Brazil Cerrado de Minas fazenda (farm) Serra Negra- red Catuai varietal. Lot#811. January crop arrival

          Ethiopia Sidamo grade 4 Oromia cooperative- October-ish crop arrival. Organically grown- our espresso.

          Decaf Peru, Selva Central. November arrival, organically grown, and water decaf process.

          Today I fed Alex espresso’s to keep him awake. Hopefully he is eating a hamburger somewhere. We both have not cupped together in days. Perhaps when we both do we will get a nice little list of flavor descriptors.

          coffee break

          Thursday, April 1st, 2010

          Bike to DoveVivi cormeal crust pizza at sunset. Roast coffee samples in the garage. Break for coffee on the porch.

          Today we received new coffees. As soon as we identify proper location we will let you know. Our social calender at the roastery tells us it is R. Kelly Month- seriously. And then we hear that this month there may also be an R. Kelly themed sandwich at Little Red Bike Cafe. It is only then that we discover a coffee bartender at the LRBC (who will remain nameless) follows R. Kelly on Twitter.

          Walking outside of the roastery yesterday, we paused for a coffee break.