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          Archive for February, 2010


          Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

          We have been using our San Marco Leva (three group espresso machine in the background) a ton lately.

          Dosing coffee below the rim of the portafilter basket appears a must. We appear to be dosing 14.5 grams into the basket for a double espresso. On average we produce ristricted shots at 1.25 oz in volume, where a classic double is 2 oz.

          8 seconds for the cavity above puck to fill. 5 seconds for water to travel through the puck. 14 seconds coffee is visible at the spouts, and we release the lever. We are pulling shots at 26 seconds from when the water starts. Incoming line pressure is 45 psi before entering the machine.

          at roastery awaiting incoming freight

          Monday, February 22nd, 2010

          Three hours sleep was hardly enough. Old Dominion Freight has closed out our shipment of coffee, for delivery today. Sometime today their semi-truck will arrive.

          Alex is biking the Monday run of downtown deliveries, with only his front porteur rack, made by Paul Conte. More on that later.

          We received a modified Anfim Super Caimino espresso grinder Friday. Alex biked this to LRBC Saturday morning to use as he covered bar for Tyler of LRBC. Sunday afternoon the grinder was transported to CoffeeHouseNW so they could get a look. The Anfim has an Omron timer, adjustable within a hundredth of a second (.01sec), titanium coated 75mm flat burrs, cool actuater buttons, and a continuous cooling fan. Review soon.

          My hope is we get to roast the new coffee arriving today.

          Coffee Laboratory

          Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

          New coffee arriving at the start of next week for CCR. When it arrives we will update our offering list, which will appear as a new entry here.

          This morning we added a new scale to our workshop, courtesy of A1-Scale on 23rd and Raleigh. They have a nice little showroom of scales. We like them because their business is mostly recalibration and refurbishing, and so they know what they sell from the inside out. We purchased an Ohaus Cent-O-Gram 311g balance scale, accurate to 100th of a gram (thats right, a hundreth!). This thing is totally sick, but please do not expect us to bike it to your establishment and weigh samples. Well, we totally would, but scales are pretty delicate.

          This scale is a cool addition so that we may weigh very small amounts of coffee accurately. Last week Ray, formerly of Little Red Bike Cafe, came over and we had a discussion about stirring vs. no stir technique of french pressing coffee (we do not stir). We weighed out equal amounts of coffee and did two presses of coffee, lamenting the quality of our Soehnle kitchen scale (+/- 1 gram). Ray stirred, and we did not. Then we pressed, poured cups for ourselves, while straining a third cup out with a chemex paper filter, to check the amount of sediment in the cup. Ray’s stirring provided more fines in the cup (and more flavor!), while our no-stir made for a much cleaner cup, but without as much depth. Ray stirs gently, 40 seconds after the coffees contact with water, fine particles drop to the bottom. At the coffees pressing the absence of these fines allow more to move through the screen, any fine dust suspended makes its way through easier. I think we still have more to play with. We did have a small gram scale, but it did not like rechargeable batteries, nor could it be plugged into a power source with ease.

          The scale is also precursor to a more interesting look of two commercial espresso grinders. Today we have shipping to us a custom Anfim Super Caimino grinder, altered to provide a lower burr rotation, with timer, with fan. We will be comparing this to the Robur 110v grinder w timer (both super nice commerical espresso grinders). Also we will be looking at the amount of grams we are dosing with our LSM espresso machine. For a short while we had a Robur with fractional second timer installed, however we never got close to using it with our LSM Leva machine. ..

          coffee love and locally roasted coffee

          Sunday, February 14th, 2010

          Alex Geddes of Courier has been roasting more. If you enjoyed our coffee this weekend, chances are the batches were roasted by him. Alex is the only full time employee of CCR. Matt Sperry is doing one day a week, his other job being a medical intern. Yes, we certainly have variation from batch to batch. Our roasting notes may be almost identical but yet batches have their differences.

          So the kid you see biking around especially Monday and Tuesday, working downtown and deep North Portland is also playing a vital role in developing awesome coffee.

          Much love to our coffee friends, thank you for making the many espressos that we sometimes take for granted. Biking coffee around town, that we roast, is a dream.

          cargo bike

          Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

          List of coffee offerings, and also how to purchase, here.

          Picture of our t-shirts for sale $20, here.

          4019 SE Hawthorne, behind the house, our workshop location. I guess you could say we accept will call pick ups, and special orders.

          A recent awesome day was doing sheetrock. Matt picked up material on our cargo bike, which also doubled as a workbench and sawhorse. We made coffee and decanted it into pretty enameled cups.


          We actually store our coffee below the house, but contrary to popular belief do not live here. A couple of real nice kids just moved in. We have a wine de-humidifier running in the basement that works alright. The green coffee is kept on palettes evenly spaced. Our store room is a positive pressure system, meaning air pushes out.

          Mostly we are showing you pictures of us working on sheetrock with our bicycle because it looks pretty. I guess coffee delivery is pretty too. This day was pretty satisfying.

          Dovetail Baking Grand Opening tonight- Saturday

          Saturday, February 6th, 2010

          Tonight 5-8pm at 31st and Alberta everyone is invited to Dovetail Baking’s Grand Opening Party! Consider this your personal invitation. There will be samples and beverage, including french press Courier Coffee. Friends, neighbors, family, friends of friends, come welcome their new storefront! Vegan bake goods!

          Pictures above are from Thursday evening. We played childrens tapes, celebrating Natasha’s art show of creepy looking children. Courier shirts were on sale. Music equipment, plus thirty pounds of coffee, delivered on Courier Coffee’s front loading cargo bike. Natasha’s artwork will be up all month long.

          It is Saturday, mid-day, and we are roasting coffee for Toast, Hash, Little red Bike Cafe, and the Half and Half Cafe. For a list of our offerings, and how to get some coffee from us, please check below.

          cargo bike health and healthy biking

          Thursday, February 4th, 2010

          The cargo bike has been selectively shifting for weeks. Cable at the trigger untwisted, causing shifting failure. New cable from Veloshop, Alex fixed that yesterday. Now it shifts like butter (phil wood hub, shimano deore derailler, housing well lubricated). The front steering linkage remains poor, since our red loctite failed. The next step is two nuts to tighten against each other with loctite to hold the bolt (another visit to General Threaded, Portlands dedicated? retail location for all threaded nuts and bolts).

          Courier Coffee has decided to take on bike expenses such as tires and brake pads for all of its employees. Combine that with health care being provided and one wonders how we may pull it off.

          The workshop has been remarkably clean and orderly these past days. We are reviewing our last year of work/coffee/biking. Monthly safety meetings are now being held, including- get this- fire drills!!

          Still remaining the same it feels like we are getting better, more streamlined, more efficient, more focused on coffee.