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          Archive for January, 2010

          Saturday, January 30th, 2010

          Working for Green made this video of Courier Coffee. A few days ago they posted it on their site here, where they have some other video interviews, including one with Jonathan Maus of BikePortland.org

          There is a shot of us delivering coffee to DoveVivi Pizza, and Navarre.

          Courier Coffee T-shirts have now been printed, and are on sale. american apparel 2001 style (100% cotton) sizes xs, s, m, l. Our friends Michael Parich and BT Livermore printed these up in BT’s bedroom. $20 dollars per shirt.

          Dovetail Baking pressing Courier

          Monday, January 25th, 2010

          Their bake goods are delicious. Dovetail Baking, located on 31st and Alberta. Hours Tue-Sun, 8am-6pm. Check out their blog here. What started out in Morgan’s kitchen, then St. Johns, has now grown into a cute/awesome bakery. They are french pressing Courier Coffee, pretty much to order, and yes, delivered by bicycle. This expands our bike range a lot, and we expect to make special trips to Dovetail. There is a nice hill on 30th over the ridge that we favor.

          Dovetail Baking makes everything vegan, and fresh each morning. They start making small batches and when they sell they bake more. We love them. None of our friends have any idea that there goods are vegan. Oh, and we have secret crushes on everyone there (can you tell we are crushed on everyone?).

          for a list of our offerings check here.

          hungry for the weekend

          Friday, January 22nd, 2010

          Amidst the medium darker roasts that have been a freak occurrence over the last week, there have been gems. More than a few juicy, lighter/medium roasts have been going out. Hash, breakfast cafe in Sellwood is serving Kenya Karatina aa this weekend. Toast, breakfast cafe on 52nd and Steel is serving Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from the YCFCU Cooperative. Little Red Bike Cafe has some Kenya Karatina aa that was roasted really nicely by Alex of CCR Thursday.

          For a full list of our offerings please scroll down this page. Much is happening in our world. Stacks of CourierCoffee t-shirts are on their way to be printed up in BT’s bedroom (20each). We seemed to have solved a rattle in the frame of our cargo bike. The bar is now clear in our workshop- the San Marco Leva espresso machine now has the whole bar! Dovetail Baking’s new retail location on 31st and Alberta is still rocking and pressing Courier (all Vegan and Delicious). They are retailing half pounds of our coffee.

          Foster Burger serves couriercoffee milkshake

          Monday, January 18th, 2010

          Burgers, milkshakes, rock and roll. Located on the corner of 53rd & Foster where Cava once stood. Thursday to Monday 5pm. Foster Burger! Currently they are french pressing Indonesia Flores Bajawa and Decaf Chiapas ORPAE Cooperative coffees, both organically grown. They have cute one cup french presses that they bring to your table. My sister and I, we had the burgers. My sister did have a Milkshake made with Courier Coffee! The wait to get in was almost long, until we all realized we could order drinks at the bar while we waited- recommended.

          For a list of what we are roasting check below. Half & Half Cafe and Little Red Bike Cafe, as always are wonderful places to get our coffee, and, unlike ourselves keep regular hours.

          list of coffees we are roasting

          Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

          Guatemala Esquipulas de Chiquimula finca las Nubes- This farm took top place in the first Guatemala Cup of Excellence auction four or five years back. I remember having this coffee at Stumptown that year! Since then it has not been in Portland. This coffee arrived in the U.S. late July 2009. We purchased a ton of it, but now have only about 80 pounds left, or most of one bag. One of our roaster friends in Portland also purchased some of this lot. For the first two months the orange citrus was very vibrant with a chocolaty backdrop. Tobleron chocolate orange was the first thing that came to mind. Later we found a lot of sugar in this coffee, perhaps in the way we were roasting it, leaving much of the sugar undeveloped. Caramelizing the sugars is kind of what brings on the chocolatyness. This coffee is now getting on in age and the citrus is less pronounced but still there. citrus spice perhaps. This coffee has nice sugars that develop into a richness in mouthfeel. medium bodied.

          Kenya Karatina aa (Nyeri)- We purchased only three bags of this lot, jute at 132 pounds each. In general Kenya coffees have more acidity than other coffees, but please forget i said that. We do have accounts that request us never to bring them Kenya, but this Kenya from the Karatina society is different. This lot has a juicy quality, and has spice notes like cinnamon and cloves. Their is a dark complexity on the side of woody and earthy things, although it is neither woody nor earthy exactly. rasberry.. maybe. dried cranberry. This is one of our favorite coffees at the moment.

          Indonesia Flores Bajawa Ngura- Flores is the Island, Bajawa the town/culture/language. Ngura means wet-hulled in the Bajawa language. This coffee sort of fits the category of Sumatra or Sulawesi, but of course is not at all the same. This coffee in organically grown by the local cooperative of growers in Bajawa. Wet-hulling coffee where it is moist and humid is a common practice (usually our coffee is wet milled, or fully washed where not noted). Coffee grows on trees in cherries. There are generally two seeds, or flat beans in every cherry contained inside a husk, or parchment layer. Normally the husk is protective, and is kept on until before shipping the coffee. In Indonesia coffee kept inside its husk runs the risk of keeping too moist and for bacteria to grow, or ferment. This brings about off tastes and flavors. The hulling method is noted here because Bajawa has never before done this practice, where seeds are hulled immediately. Royal Coffee, the people we purchased this through have a great article about it on thier blog right now. This coffee is still not a very clean coffee in terms of flavor. It is muddled, and the seeds look awful. There are bug bites and holes, the seeds are not uniform. But it tastes great. Peanut-buttery chocolate with a nice floral note. Lately we have been fooling around with roasting it light and lighter. Alex hit a roast that was milk chocolate in my mouth and we thought it was from Peru for a moment. We are working on actually trying to nail this light chocolate roast still. This coffee definitely fills the need for earthy and dark.

          Ethiopia Yirgacheffe grade 2 or washed YCFCU Cooperative- Organically grown. We just started roasting this coffee last week. The lot arrived in November. Alex and I both smell pine when were are roasting this, which translates a little into the cup. There is definitely a woody interesting note in the cup, and more of a spicyness. This is not what we would think of as a classic floral Yirgacheffe. Anyway, I am fascinated with this coffee at the moment. We will probably cup this out later and alter this post entry tomorrow.

          Peru Rodriguez de Mendoza COOPARM Cooperative- Organically grown, October crop arrival. Typica, Caturra, Bourbon varietals, not much Bourbon though. These seeds are long and we are always running the risk of burning sugars that are concentrated at the ends of the seeds. Light milk chocolate with mango floral notes. The tropical fruit note in the acidity was the reason we purchased this coffee. COOPARM has a very sophisticated website, they are after all a huge growers cooperative, but they seem to do very well. We like their logo a lot. COOPARM basically stands for the Agriculture Producers Cooperative of Rodriguez de Mendoza. Acidity is mild in this coffee, and we are challenging ourselves to pull off lighter roasts that make the floral quality pop.

          Ethiopia Sidamo grade 4 or natural process, Oromia Cooperative- Organically grown, October crop arrival. This is the coffee we use as our espresso at the moment. Blueberry dark fruity, muddled, salty. Comes out wonderfully over milk drinks. In the picture below and in the previous post below this is the coffee featured in the soy latte.

          Decaf Chiapas Mexico ORPAE Cooperative- Organically grown, water process decaf using CO2 and H2O, no chemicals. Pretty nice actually. We are almost out of this coffee, and some say it is our best decaf coffee of 2009 for straight drinking. I will put more into writing later.

          Saturday, January 9th, 2010

          Half and Half Cafe, 923 sw Oak, bright and lovely. The pies were pretty. Soy cappucino pictured above, with Ethiopia Sidamo grade 4 espresso, grown by the Oromia cooperative.

          Best courier coffee roasters. oh and heads up Little Red Bike Cafe is now offering dinner service!! Foster Burger was closed last week for a few days, but they should reopen anytime.

          Playing with image quality today. Top three are imbedded from Picasa, cant seem to scale them to fit. Wonder how they scale on different size screens. Lower three are cut and pasted from Picasa, and so the actual image is on the Picasa system. Three months back all of our pictures were from Flikr and they were much crisper. It appears linking to Picasa seems to pixelate image.

          table is full

          Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

          sixteen brown demitasse lined on either side of the bar, still mostly full of coffee, from the cupping we had yesterday (tasse, cup in Italian). In the center an upside down control box lid , resting on its cooling fins, low voltage relays up. Tools lie pilled between the three group LSM and the two group Synesso.

          Some sweet new additions have been added to our workshop. We now have a beautiful Wilton 1745 bench vise, Mitutoyo dial caliper, and a Knipex adjustable spanner. All of these came from our favorite tool shop- Hall Tool (1724 SE Grand, next to Goodwill). Knipex makes absolutely the best pliers, and we are lucky that Hall Tool steers us straight (Channel Locks garbage compared to Knipex). This is great to facilitate our work.

          It is wonderful to focus all day on one project, like refurbishing our friends espresso machine. But, honestly, we have been busy. There are Tachometers sitting on our table, house-made wiring diagrams to test. We have three new accounts this month to check in on. Foster Burger has been on the tip of everyones tongue, and yes, they are open for business! Daniel from Sel Gris has teamed with the owner of PokPok to open this Burger and Milkshake eatery. Dovetail Baking opens later this month on 30th and Alberta, right on the corner! Our friend Dane Artman has opened a secret siphon bar (really a chocolate workshop) on the corner of 37th and Gladstone, with even more mysterious hours.

          We are kind of busy, oh and finding a retail location central to the eastside would be nice, on a bike/nieghborhood through street.