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          Archive for May, 2009

          Sundays for relaxing?

          Sunday, May 31st, 2009

          Cupping these right now (the production roasts from last week that went out to all our accounts). Fifteen roasts, thirty samples…ten pictured here.


          Rods and eyelets for our lsm 3group Leva arrive by bike.

          Saturday, May 30th, 2009

          It is Saturday. I am waiting for Edwin to drop off some rods and eyelets for our three group San Marco Leva. We carefully left these parts with Edwin because at the time we didn’t know how to repair the damage. We still don’t have a way to repair the wear on the eyelets, but we need the rods in hand to continue work. Although it has been on the back burner, we are not giving up on refurbishing our 1980 la San Marco manual espresso machine. All OEM parts are in from Michaelo, and the three group is sitting on the couch just asking for a little attention. Though the rods from the groups are in great condition, the hard, chrome-plated brass eyelets need some tinkering. The question is do we use new OEM eyelets? or do we try to improve the fit in a non standard way? Already we have been talking about making slight changes to the original design, so perhaps we will make some adjustments… Much love Edwin!

          So, yeah…we roast coffee and deliver by bicycle.

          Friday, May 29th, 2009

          That’s my bike. And that’s coffee we roasted. And that’s our copper bar top (copper’s really awesome for when someone accidentally spills burning alcohol onto the bar).

          The rack on the front of the bike is by Edwin Brown of Sprout Cycles. It can carry a lot, even though Edwin recently found a way to break it after a night’s celebration at the Liberty Glass. So, yes, we roast coffee and bike it to people. And since we don’t yet do retail, it’s been difficult to communicate with all of you. But now we have this blog! (And we won’t stop posting to the window blog, either.) Don’t be shy. Post comments. Let us know what you’d like to know about what’s new with Courier Coffee. My cell number’s also posted at the website.

          Love, Joel.

          The Excitement Continues

          Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

          Lots going on around the roastery. Yesterday, friend Jeff paid us a visit. We tasted some Kenya Mchana roasted on the 22nd, brewed by Hario syphon brewer.

          We’re working hard here at Courier Coffee. HOURS have been poured into perfecting the look and feel for this blog. Expect to see some major changes as we learn more about this fancy WordPress thing.

          Notes from the field:
          Last night I dropped some coffee off at Liberty Glass: Terminal Gravity ESG now on tap!
          This morning, Ray from the Little Red Bike Cafe pulled me a delicious shot of the espresso we roasted the 22nd. Although he said it was even better yesterday, it was pretty darn good. It started dry in my mouth, then filled out with just a touch of acidity for an added punch. It was a dark tan, with plenty of nice tiger flecking around the edges.

          Alex unfortunately didn’t make it into the last post, but we have a great shot of him for this one. We ain’t just roasting coffee.


          From couriercoffee


          Sunday, May 24th, 2009

          syphon brewing at the Batizado

          Courier Coffee syphon brews for Groupo Ra?a’s Batizado!

          (A batizado is like a birthday for capoeira students — a fitting event, we thought, for the launch of the CCR blog.) Everything we brewed came from our new Hario syphon brewers, which were imported from Japan. Today it was Brazilian Carmo de Minas fazenda do Sert?o-yellow bourbon, roasted two days prior. We brewed light to bring out the sweetness, but we’re still experimenting with our technique. All in all, about 80 cups of coffee were served from about 20-30 syphons. It was sunny and warm, and all the Capoeira’s in training enjoyed the coffee so much they were late for their first workshop. This was the second big weekend event in a row for Courier Coffee, and? we haven’t broken a single syphon yet!

          After the event we snuck away to a secret location and had a syphon brew-off with secret people — details and winners to be announced!