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          Archive for the ‘Chewbacca’ Category

          Chewbacca found, cargo bike goes single speed.

          Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

          We’ve destroyed the rear hub on the cargo bike. Bummer. Last night, Michael Parich hands me a Phil 17-tooth fixed cog, Phil lockring, lockring removal tool, and some power straps. Scary?

          I was kind of relieved when my new fixed hub and wheel went missing in the garage this morning. Then I found Chewbacca. At 5:20 am I dropped my first delivery: one half pound in a glass jar on a front porch off SE Tacoma. Minutes later I drop my second delivery. Usually, I’m too hurried to stop for anything…but for some reason… Seconds later I find Chewbacca beneath a frying pan. And the rest of the day was perhaps just as exciting! I played around with an experimental espresso at our workshop, biked downtown with the cargo bike in single speed mode (using the rear wheel from my personal single speed). Alex biked the upper SE deliveries. Veloshop is now hard at work getting parts for a new rear wheel for the cargo bike.

          I’m now enjoying a double IPA from Hair of the Dog, Blue Dot. It’s time to return the rear wheel to my Surly 1×1 and do a little cleaning, bike downtown, and hang out with my dad and my sister. New coffee samples arrive Friday (hopefully), and we’re going to start monthly cuppings/showcases at the Little Red Bike Cafe JUNE 15TH, time TBA.