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          Archive for the ‘fetco 31Aap’ Category

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          Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

          sixteen brown demitasse lined on either side of the bar, still mostly full of coffee, from the cupping we had yesterday (tasse, cup in Italian). In the center an upside down control box lid , resting on its cooling fins, low voltage relays up. Tools lie pilled between the three group LSM and the two group Synesso.

          Some sweet new additions have been added to our workshop. We now have a beautiful Wilton 1745 bench vise, Mitutoyo dial caliper, and a Knipex adjustable spanner. All of these came from our favorite tool shop- Hall Tool (1724 SE Grand, next to Goodwill). Knipex makes absolutely the best pliers, and we are lucky that Hall Tool steers us straight (Channel Locks garbage compared to Knipex). This is great to facilitate our work.

          It is wonderful to focus all day on one project, like refurbishing our friends espresso machine. But, honestly, we have been busy. There are Tachometers sitting on our table, house-made wiring diagrams to test. We have three new accounts this month to check in on. Foster Burger has been on the tip of everyones tongue, and yes, they are open for business! Daniel from Sel Gris has teamed with the owner of PokPok to open this Burger and Milkshake eatery. Dovetail Baking opens later this month on 30th and Alberta, right on the corner! Our friend Dane Artman has opened a secret siphon bar (really a chocolate workshop) on the corner of 37th and Gladstone, with even more mysterious hours.

          We are kind of busy, oh and finding a retail location central to the eastside would be nice, on a bike/nieghborhood through street.

          window blog update on the 31Aap

          Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

          IMGP3937 by you.

          We started a new journal at the workshop, documenting our experiments brewing coffee. Yesterday we continued trials with the Fetco 31Aap coffee brewer. Previously all coffee has been awful.

          We started by shortening the length of time the brew solenoid opens to dispense water, to equal 1.9 Liters. This shortens the amount of time/extraction to worry about. Then we prepared our ideal amount of coffee grounds, with our ideal grind setting. Having found our approximate ideal ratios we started to tackle two issues yesterday: grounds getting properly saturated, and temperature of the brew water during the extraction.? Basically we got to know the Fetco 31Aap a little better. Thanks to our log book we have? kept track of our work. It would be rad if we could coax the 31Aap into making beautiful coffee.

          The picture was added to our window blog last night.

          tasty coffee with Fetco 31Aap brewer

          Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

          IMGP3845 by you.

          The three group La San Marco Leva is still on the table, power off, full, waiting for us to go over its electrical. The Rio two group semi-auto is on, fully operational, so that we may taste espresso of the last few days. There is a disassembled Synesso steam wand valve cleanly laid out on our copper bar, so that we may muse over its cup seat gaskets sealing ability. Underneath our sink a mass of 3/8″ poly tubing, and quick connect Tees and shutoffs, one of the water tubes hooked up to our side project, the Fetco 31Aap.

          IMGP3848 by you.

          The Fetco 31Aap is an older model coffee brewer, made in Chicago. This machine has been discontinued for years, but its parts are still being manufactured. This Fetco is on loan from the Little Red Bike library, and today we are testing its ability to make tasty coffee.

          The Fetco 31Aap is equipped with a digital temperature controller with LED readout, pictured at the top. Water completes issuing from a plastic spray cutter at 3 minutes. The spray cutter splits the water into 5 or 6 different streams, that attempt to evenly distribute water over the coffee grounds. There are so far problems like coffee grounds not wetting entirely, and, in general, over or under extraction. Amidst tackling other tasks the Fetco is one of our many projects for the day. At the same time we are doing checks on the heat holding ability of our 3 Liter stainless steel lined airpots from Fetco.

          IMGP3849 by you.